Monday, April 17, 2006

Image Challenge

here is a challenge:

find yourself a picture to represent yourself in your profile. use cartoons, animal images, etc.
try to find out how to post it in your blogger profile. hint - there are instructions on how to do this within your blogger account.

good luck!

[and stay 'safe' on your p.c.]


laffydaffy said...

u can never excpect me to that. i suck at loading images and stuff like that


p.s. likin that picture of batman:)

laffydaffy said...

I actually did it. I tried and tried and i did it! U guys should try it too, itz cool!


Howdy! said...

how did ya du it laffydaffy?

nd i agree, im luvin the batman pic!!!

happ happ happy holz evry1!!!


Jess said...

Hi i did it as well its on my profile