Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Term 2 Photography

Term 2 will see you becoming successful photographers. [- if you listen, watch, and participate fully.]

This will be related to scientific photography for science fair. [You may also do other sections of the science fair]

You will also be introduced to the idea of documentary photography. That is when you take photos to tell a story about something you have experienced. It is a cool way to keep a record of interesting things around you and allows you to express yourself in your own unique way - no one sees the world quite like you do.

You will produce images which we will 'critique' together to develop your technical skills and your photographic 'eye'.

We will be doing this in class time and in I.C.T..

It will be fun and you will succeed. I know what I am doing...


We can use school and personal digital cameras. I will introduce you to single lens reflex cameras also. If successful, this may lead onto a film study unit in Term 3.

Do you have photos you have taken and are proud of? Who likes taking pictures?

I love photography!!!

p.s. I love this photo of Manny playing at Kawhia but there are several things 'wrong' with it. By analysing photos together, we will develop our understanding of how to take better pictures.


Cameron said...

I'm a decent photographer, but im better at editing the photos than actually shooting them. I think I can see 2 definite and another possible things "wrong" with that photo, though I'm not going to spoil it for the others. I'd suggest for them to Wikipedia "photography" or Google "photography tutorials" and have a read through to see what you can find.

emjay said...

Hi, yes it was Emma's blog you commented on, not mine. We were signed in under my name when somone asked on her blog if we were coming back, so I just replied! Sorry about the confusion. Happy Easter! :o)

btw - cool idea with the photography unit, sounds awesome!

Kitty Kat said...

i love taking photos! i got a camera for my birthday last year but it broke and the shop didn't have a suitable replacement so i got my phone...i also love taking movies!

gsosweet said...

what yime is the photographer coming tomorrow? please answer quickly

mr woody said...

hold your horses, gosweeto - photographer after assembly - $3.50

gsosweet said...

thanx for the info. im sorry but i wont be able to make it because of piano lessons. thanx anyway.

Miss Candy said...

hey, i'm just commenting here because it is more relevent here but still a bit of topic.

whatnow(a kids t.v progam) is holding a class room competition.
we have to write a srcipt of why our school is the bomb. if we win we will recieve a video cam for a week to film the script. we then send it into them where it will be played in front of the nation making us famous!