Monday, February 09, 2009

Your holidays through poetry

Are you a reluctant writer? Or do you love the power of words?
Here is a starter to help you write more expressively about your holidays... And as a bonus, you need less words too ;-)

New Zealand has several famous writers and poets. James K. Baxter is one of them. He writes thus:

"The town was usual enough; it had
A creek, a bridge, a beach, a sky
Over it, and even a small tin church
I never went to. My brother, my cousins and I
Did what boys do - dozed in the hot
Schoolroom, made bows and arrows, dodged the mad
Boatbuilder, crept like rabbits through the black
Under-runners with a weak torch,
Burnt dry rushes, wrestled or swam
Doing nothing important"

- James K. Baxter

Re-write the poem, filling in your own details, using strong verbs, interesting nouns, and appealing adjectives, yet maintaining the same rhythm. Post it on your own blog or as a comment here.


Dreamenchantress said...

Nice poem. Where doing a poem too in rm 6, it's called 'the pirates adventure poem'. It's really compilicated, you have to do this four beat thing an thats the part that I don't get....

Dreamenchantress said...

P.s when r u making the blog for ur new class?

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

I went to a
House with four cats
I got the
dreaded lice
But now I am
Free of the ghastly