Tuesday, January 05, 2010


What does 2010 hold for all former Room5ians? I will always remember my wonderful Room5ians, even as i quit full time classroom teaching to try something else...
Tell us here what your aspirations and plans are - I hope to do more illustration, photography, film production work with our business and whatever else comes my way that tickles my fancy.
The world is our oyster!
Keep in touch :-)


Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

I have no patience with new years resolutions but there are some things I would definitely like to try...
*Go to the Waikato Hospital and watch some more Orthopaedic Surgery.
*Stay in touch with those millions of people who didn't decide to go to Hillcrest for High School.
And the weirdest one - * See if a healthy diet will make me feel... overall healthier.
ALthough, because I don't cook dinner, maybe I'll have to pick and choose... more vegetables!!!

I would like to try more opportunities at High School.
I would like to make new friendships but never forget the old ones.
I would like to reconcile with those who i haven't seen/have chose not to see me (hint hint).
I think I have more, but I can't remember them.
See ya!

Snowy said...



Pretty much as much hockey as possible between the dreaded homework that im gonna get givin at Dio !?!?!?!

Hmmmm.. ok i want to....

-I want to get into Dio 1st/2nd Xl hockey team....

-I want to get into u15 reps for hockey...

-I want to stay in touch with all u guy ove the yaer...hmmmmm will be hard but we r doin ok at the moment!!!

-And i finaly just want to take all the opportunities that i can get!!!

Hmmmm...Im kinda scared about going to high school but im also kinda excitted.....im sure where ever we go we will all do fine!?!?!?

love snowy

Snowy said...


Dreamenchantress said...

um, dont know really, the future can hold anything for the rm5ians, wh/eather we want to be a beekeeper or an psyciatrist, we r still rm5ians. and we will always be.
that was chessy
pardon me for the spelling

Snowy said...

Yea! You are so right Dreamenchantress

Roo said...


Dreamenchantress said...

lolz, i love our class.

Dreamenchantress said...

oky, i want lots of things, but one of them is for us to have a reunion at the end of the year. that would be great.