Thursday, August 05, 2010

Brilliant Mask Making :-)

Well done Team Room 3!  I was very impressed with your Japanese mask making expertise.
Here are some of the marvellous creations.

Don't give up on your narrative about being whisked away to Japan -I will keep helping if you keep writing!
Sorry - I won't be back on Friday as I'm working somewhere else.
Write your day one experience up on your own blog then comment on my blog so I can go and read it. I will then add information about day two and what happened after the ninja attack!


P.K Digimax said...

haha lol its me!

aww noo u didn't have to put that picture on >.<

MrWoody said...

Your mask was great, PK :-)

P.K Digimax said...

thank you :-)

MrWoody said...

I think those are stunning masks drawn freehand by 12 yr olds :-)