Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pirongia and Peachgrove rule

Today's computer tech classes were all good, but Pirongia Yr 8s were the best behaved, quietly settling and getting on with their work.

At lunchtime I was on the field with Mr Cocks dishing out gold cards for good behaviour when I noticed how lovely the native gardens were looking around the perimeter of the field. Well done Peachgrove for looking after your amazing native garden! I bet there are lots of native birds visiting to eat berries and nectar from flowers.

[This photo was taken by J. Carter at the Waikato University in Hamilton and shared on Flickr]

My own local waxeyes are in a short video I took. Click on the red words above for the link - [it may not work as it's on FaceBook]

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nice mr.woody