Thursday, January 04, 2007

snapper happy

On the way back from Northland we stopped at Goat Island, Leigh and snorkelled with big snapper and other cool fish. Here one of my friends pics of the same place and fish - those big snapper are soo cool.
I love critters


Sugarsweet4eva said...

Cool Woody! I've been 2 goat island as well itz totally awesome!
I just got back from a holiday @ Mangawhai Heads- our friends booked out a camp called 'Moirs Point' and it had the coolest flying fox ever!!!

Sugarsweet4eva said...

O yea! and by the way i'm Michaela!

Mr Woody said...

nice one michaela. great to hear from you. we went through mangawhai to get to ruakaka where we stayed for a few days - heinous traffic on the main road!
i'm glad you had fun. flying foxes are cool.
we're off to gisborne next week with our new tent.

young veteran said...

leigh is great aint it. we just got back from whangamata, we went for new years. we going camping at operau near kawhia 2morrow. whats your holiday been like.
p.s.go leigh.

Somebody said...

i like fish dont YOU??

Mr Woody said...

nice to hear from you geezers - saw you delivering papers the other day, brainy - very cool!

Sig said...

My uncle goes fishing a LOT, and he always brings back nice big snapper. It's awesome going out to fish with him. He once caught a shark, by accident!, and that was freaky.

P.S. Yes, I DID get an award for writing, thank you! and the other language in my Waves story is Dutch. I did HEAPS of research on stuff like that. Even the names are Dutch. Saskia means tragic and Aleena means alone!

Mr Woody said...

that is such a good effort, el siggio. the research, the meaning behind things, the sheer dedication to your craft of writing - well done!!!!