Wednesday, January 10, 2007

summer holiday

now that everyone else is back at work, it's a great time to hit the beach without the ravenous hoardes making it less appealing.
we've got a cool new tent, a comfy self inflating mattress, deck chairs - what a luxurious camping it will be! although persistent rain might make it less than fabulous...


K.O.D. said...

Weather, huh? If you're on holiday, it's either, forgot the sunnies' and sunblock, but brought an umbrella; No rain, fine sunny days, or, brought my sunglasses and heaps of sunscreen, but forgot to pack the umbrella; windy rainy days.


Mr Woody said...

well said - our holiday was marred by confused weather - rain, wind, sun, rain, wind, rain, etc.
still - tested the tent out well.

Ernesty said...

came bak from japan.... check out my blog! im bak on the 26th

Sig said...

I know that Anna is going camping for 8 days. I'm staying at home mostly. But, could you guys check out my 3 new stories on my blog, and tell me what you think. Thanks!

young veteran said...

times up everybody, schools in and so are new classes. looking forward to seeing you all, especially you woody.