Tuesday, June 26, 2007

quote of the day

Quote of the Day

"The proof that you know something is that you are able to teach it."

-- Aristotle, philosopher


Individualist said...

Graet quote!
What's the picture about though?(yay, i'm the first to comment)

Individualist said...

oops! i forget to do the smiley! here we go

bye >:0===Q<

Kitty Kat said...

I love quotes!
Kit De Kat

Ezylryb said...

i love quotes too.
there awsome!

primprim said...

I like quotes, i wish i had a quote...

Skipper Bob said...

Cool quote

I don't now if this is the place to put this but...

In the museum there was a 3d picture of a sea with land formations sticking on the edges of it. i thought it would be cool if we did that but kiwilized it by doing it in an well known place in new zealand ie: cook straight or even unknown places in new zealand ie: cambells beach or even more hamiltonize it by waikato river or hamilton lake

Catarara said...

that is a very meaningfull quote.
that is something teachers could take in and when you have tought a child something see if they can teach you the same thing or something like that and then you will now they have taken it in!
why do you think a philosopher quoted it though?
that was a very fun trip today i really enjoyed it and so did my mum! thankyou for taking us!
thats all for now!
Catarara :)

Piglet said...

Good quote! Also mirp I have the answers to the bird quiz on my animalplanet blog!

Piglet said...

Also I enjoyed the trip too Catarara!

mr woody said...

lovely feedback squiddlers.

skipper bob - great ideas - really positive to have you coming back with suggestions. i will go back to see what you are talking about because i didn't see it.

catara - thanks. and yes, teachers could get kids to teach other kids to demonstrate mastery. good thinking.

to you all - thanks for a great day!

Catarara said...

thats ok.
my brother says it is going to be really weird having a teacher for dinner... funny a?
my sister is getting really excited aswell but you have to be carefull because she can get a little bit crazy! tee hee
i think you spelt my name wrong you put catara! if you did that on purpose don't worry about what i just said.
see you tomorow everyone!
catarara :)

mr woody said...

i'm just coming to check your science fair, catroarer. your parents are very concerned about your terrible attitude. and they want me to speak to nathan as well so he doesn't have to become a hobo when he leaves school.

Kitty Kat said...

are you really going to hehouse?

Catarara said...

yea he is! and mr woody mum says right on brother!

mr woody said...

yes, kittykat - if you don't do your homework this is what happens.

Skipper Bob said...

If you go into the hallway by the war memorial there are some paintings in the end there is a sheep around the corner its there or....

if you go to the elizabeth thompson display up the stairs we came and then to the opposite stairs (by the freaky spiky display) first corridor to the left is there

if you read this kittykat can you say if i gave the right directions???????

Alpha said...

i have quotes on nothing planet about frienship and imagination

pom said...

I like quotes too.

Kitty Kat said...

I think thats right skipper!

Miss Candy said...

erk...i guess i still have to start sci fair-what to do -so many opptions!

the quote is really good-and i think some teachers fail to do that-certainly not you!

and catarara i would be freakishly worried/nervous/scared if any teacher came to my house! how could you remain so calm? besides you might even get extra homework-tell mrwoody that you're sick and that he cant come- thats what would do!LOL! i dont want to bring school to home!
but thats your choice!

Happy holidays! and ill see you all next term!

enjoy your holidays-even two weeks of no school is something to look forward to!LOL!