Monday, June 25, 2007

Week 10 homework and egyptology

1. Think about/do your science fair

2. Consider ways in which social software, like blogs and wikis, could be used to enrich our inquiry unit on ancient egypt.

Inquiry units are designed by you to answer your questions. What fascinates you about ancient egypt? you will develop questions during the knowledge attack phase of the inquiry - the part at the start where you experience heaps of information on the topic then begin to wonder about certain aspects of it - like for me, with my grandad's experiences there during the war. i really wnat to know why he found the great pyramid spooky. and why he thinks there are no ankhs left and that there is something mysterious under the sphinx. he says the pyramids are aligned to mirror a certain constellation. apparently sirius or orion are significant. why?

all very interesting to me. but you might like to find out something else.

i hope to use internet tools, social software, cameras, drawings, cartoons, comics, interviews, documentaries, letters, postcards, make buildings, etc to learn and present my findings.

i can't wait!


Alpha said...

i have a new post on skull fire and are we going to do a project on egypt

primprim said...

mr woody, i've already made a wiki about ankhs!
please visit it!
I made my own account called mirples. I hope that is okay.

primprim said...

I've added a bit to the "random evolving story"

pom said...

I can't wait to do a study on Eygpt.

Skipper Bob said...

so we don't have spelling or maths??????

can you put a link to our wiki from the blog?

mr woody said...

prim - your wiki space is fantastic - please be sure to reference clearly any work you have copied from other sources.

others - homework regarding spelling is up to miss martin.
regarding mathmate - none this week.


Ezylryb said...

i've done around 15 egyptology projects in my life!!! i can't wait to do another one.

Kitty Kat said...

My comment didn't show! Again!
This is really interesting.
Egypt is interessting but we've done SO many! Maybe we should d somewhere different?
Of course I love egypt just its so interesting to everyone and it takes so long!

Kitty Kat said...

I went into a daydream!
I didn't mean it takes so long!
I ment that egypt is interesting To EVERYONE which s why we have done it so many times!

mr woody said...

i nknew it - of ocurse you have all done egyptian studioes 'ad nauseum' [look it up]. BUT!!! thi stime you are going to do a year seven peahgrove intermediate mr woody GATE class inquiry project and it will b elike nothing you have ever done beofre - this will be the best work of your life! if you commit to the task with vigour, fervour, passion, enthusiasm, creativity, and skill.

please list all the 'products' of your previous egyptian studies.
that is, what did you create? what were the burning questions you had that simply HAD to be answered?
did you create anything special?

i propose we make blogs, wikis, podcasts, documentaries, massive three dimensional concrete pyramids in the school grounds, models with lift-off tops with scale model tunnels and burial chambers and amazing graphic novels written entirely in heiroglyphs.

does that sound better than copying and pasting internet info to stick onto wallcharts?

Kitty Kat said...

This wil be much better than every other one!