Monday, February 08, 2010

ICT Citizenship at Peachgrove

Here are some links to resources for learning about Citizenship at Peachgrove:

Opinions about citizenship

responsible citizenship - an opinion

Digital Citizenship with Hector

So, what is Citizenship? Why should we think about it? How does it affect us?

Work in groups of two or three to develop a PowerPoint presentation or an online equivalent
[e.g. Google Document, blog, wiki*] to state your case for the importance of being a responsible citizen.

If working online you also need to include digital citizenship as a theme.

* Please check first for permission.

N.B. Please use internet information properly by re-writing it in your own words and putting a reference after your statement saying where you got the info from.

e.g. Citizenship is about belonging to a country and being legally allowed to vote in that country's elections. -

The concept of the Citizen was very important in ancient Rome.


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