Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Peachgrove Yr 7 Bilingual cool dudes

I had the pleasure of hanging out with my good friend Whaea Mana's class today. They are very interesting young people. We discussed maori and pakeha culture as well as some geography from around Aotearoa.
One of my favourite parts of NZ is the East Coast from Te Kaha to Gisborne. My wife and I fell in love on a road trip around that region and we found the Ngati Porou people to be very welcoming.
I later got to know a teacher from Rangitukia called Tepu Houia. He gifted me a special carving which I have looked after for several years. Today I discovered that his nephew is in this class so I have gifted it to Whaea Manawaroa and her students to look after.
Their job now is to find out about the history of the clock carving. Tepu's nephew, Aiorangi is in the class so they should be able to find out all about the carving. They can post comments here explaining what they learn.
Also, I would like to introduce the Big T Surfers from Tahaaroa to the Peachgrove Bi-lingual class, Room 24. Please get to know each other and share your differences and the experiences of living in town, country and coastal areas.
Ka kite ano


Miss Skippy said...

Hey Mr Woody!
Thought I'd say hi! Cool pics and great story behind them. As for Miss M and I, our time at St Andrews is nearing an end, only this week to go. Feel like I've learnt HEAPS. Feels like forever ago that we were in your class 14 weeks ago! Hope you are well, bless ya!
Miss Skippy

EmmaC said...
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