Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Montessori Way

I am interested in Montessori education in NZ.
A Montessori classroom sounds like a blissfully calm, creative, safe learning place where children can learn at their own pace and discover things naturally with guidance and whilst being skillfully observed. Children can work together, collaboratively, with cleverly designed learning materials suitable to their stage of development. 
Check out these links to discover more of the world of child-centred, caring, observational, educational guidance that is the Montessori way:

A Kiwi Montessori Classroom


MrWoody said...

"Dr Montesssori observed that competition is an ineffective tool to motivate children to learn. Montessori children and students learn to collaborate, rather than to compete to meet external standards set by an adult. In Montessori, learners compete only against themselves. They are not afraid of making mistakes and know that they can use mistakes as an opportunity to learn. Each child can take pleasure in being able to share their knowledge and their ability to help classmates."

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MrWoody said...

"Nature has presented many gifts to a child, not least of which is energy and curiosity! Unfortunately, such energy is often squashed and seen as a source of irritation in the midst of the busy lives of adults. So too in primary schools that are required to deliver a curriculum decided upon by those who do not necessarily understand the child’s drive to do, to act independently, to work on their own interests at their own pace."
- Shelagh Powell, Principal, Courtyard Montessori Preschool, Christchurch, New Zealand