Monday, June 13, 2011

Fun with woodwork and taniwha

When I was 13 I go to do woodwork at HBHS. It was the only time I got to do practical tech subjects, apart from tech drawing in the same year. I enjoyed both but was guided away to other stuff. That year, I made a taniwha carving which I was really proud of. My grandad hung it on his shed wall and my whole life I got to see it there and feel special. Now I have it back.
On Friday at Peachygrove, I got to be MrWebster the Hard Material Teacher for a day. I was supposed to make the poor children do worksheets but I couldn't stomach that and we made some stuff instead. The kids from the bi-lingual class liked my stories about taniwha in the Waikato river near where I live so we made some taniwha out of wood. 
It is great to work with kids who are into learning, creating, sharing and celebrating - kia kaha!


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