Sunday, February 04, 2007

Gwe LEeeeee!!!!!!

Oh dear - our beloved friend Gwe Le has flown the coop and is going to high school next year. I know she will do well there and we will miss her sense of humour, kindness, talent and wit.
Long Live the Kitties of DOOOOM!!!!
Take care, Gwe Le and keep in touch. I want to still know you when you're famous.

Here is an online game to take your mind off the horror of her leaving...


Somebody said...

oooooh is that true?? that's weird O.o

Mr Woody said...

why do you think it's weird, somebody? she is very old ;>)

Ernesty said...

Hey woody and u gona make a new blog called peachgroveroom5 or somthing. Or is it just gonna carry on on this blog.

Oh yea I got pet mice! Ones called cuddles and ones called snow.

Lol shes very old indeed.

See you at skwl!

Somebody said...

she is? how old????

K.O.D. said...

Hey! I'm not that old, eh? It's sad, but I guess it's okay. I do have a guaranteed gap year though, which is a good thing.

Scary high-schooler
Gwe Lee

Post Script:
We got mice too! We were taking our dog for a walk in our property when she dug up the home of some sort of feild mouse; she ate one baby, three got away with the mother and my brothers caught the other three. They looked to be about two weeks old...? No way to tell them appart, though.

Mr Woody said...

what is a gap year, gwe le?
bad luck for the chomped mice.

gwe le is ancient, but a lady neever reveals her age.

school is back - my class seem great.

good luck to all of you - please come and visit... brainy, ernesto - where are you?

Somebody said...


tellabrina said...

i like the blog because it helps me with my homework because it shows activities that need to be done and the dates of when they need to be handed in. i also like the blog because we can find out what other people have been doing out of school

Miss Candy said...

Mr woody are ya gonna block kelvin or what ever or take his advice or are ya gonna egnore him??

Mr Woody said...

game guy gone 8>)

[more aliteration]