Tuesday, November 13, 2007


i just write something to you kids that i thought was really poignant - like JimmyL's writing this week - but for some reason blogger had a glitch and i lost it.

suffice to say - you are the best for not giving up, valuing quality, and other such qualities

all of you are Room5ians - the greatest class ever! - unique amongst the fabric of the universe. never heard, or seen, or smelt before. you are incomparable, outstanding, marvellous, super and fantastic!

i hope you will count me amongst you when i proclaim proudly
"I'M a RooM5iAN!!!"

thank you for this year

mr woody / senor becada


SpUdArOoNy said...

yes totatlly agree!
i'm proud!!

and i LOVED jimmy's writing! it was gripping!!

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

YAY!!! yes, jimmy's writing was great!!! i liked how it was straight to the point.