Monday, November 12, 2007


do you know your world news?
does politics and international relations tickle your fancy?
are you a geographer?

where would you say there are political hotspots to watch out for?

today we discussed Pakistan and the state of emergency which General Musharraf has put in place... why?

any other potential hotspots in the world? places that could effect all of us if things went wrong?

AND what about ecological hotspots? perhaps the Amazon Rain forest?

OR how about environmental hotspots? like the ever growing economy of China or India using up resources?

OR countries like America and Australia who refuse to sign the Kyoto Protocol and continue to dispute global warming and the perils of carbon emissions?

please post intelligent justified opinions with references if needed.


Miss Candy said...

i think china is against the environment. the three olympic events might have to be canceled because the atmosphere in beging is too polluted. is there any way that we can help china stop this madness?

i dont think humans were meant to build cars and stuff. look aat all the other animals, are they showing off how smart they can be and is ruling the world and putting humans in small cages and stuff? we are horrible creatures, arn't we? if we blow up the planet with global warming are the other animals who did nothing going to be happy? its not their fault that we're special needed and dont know how to save the world. protection groups are good but we started using them because some of us like to play hunt animals. it just doesn't seem right!

can we stop having to use cars. there should be a month to support that like there is nz music month. what about no manufactured using day or something?

Kitty Kat said...

i don't really find that kinda stuff interesting. what happens happens. places like china and india etc. that are over populated often have disputes. they are still like us and need to be respected.
it is important to know what is happening so we can make a difference. be poplite to everyone and understand all sides of stories.
The amazon rainforest is being chopped down. this rainforest is VERY important yet no-one respects it.
In the artic they have oil making places. the oil is what fuels our cars and when they are running low we pay more. we need to find an alternitive to fuel FAST. Who's seen the movie on 'Who killed the electric car?' interesting ay!!!
You have to understand that America and Australia are so large that to agree to the Kyoto Protocol would be dificult for the countries to manage. They would have to cut back alot on things although I am all for Kyoto.
Understand before you judge.

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

i definately agree kitty kat! Miss Candy, that music month thing is a great idea! but again, we have to understand what global warming id and the simple things we can do to stop it....i also think hunting is reasonalbly acceptable as it is part of the food chain; ducks for example, if we did not shoot ducks, then we would be like China: overpopulated! then they duck would need more food, maybe their main food would become extinct!! i dont think there is anything too wrong with hunting (i wouldnt do it) as long as we kill without out cruelty. Have you ever caught a fish? well you have killed a living creature, its the same! im not very good at geography but i find it interesting to find out what (usually dumb) reason people set wars and everything else for. As for the wars, if the govnerment (or whoever was in charge) really loved and looked after their country, then wouldnt they think about the danger they are putting their people in? hmmmmm....

more than 20% of the worlds oxogen is produced in the amazon forest, so if we keep cutting it down, is this contributing to global warming?
And cancer!! The U.S. National Cancer Institute has identified 3000 plants that are active against cancer cells. 70% of these plants are found in the rainforest. Twenty-five percent of the active ingredients in today's cancer-fighting drugs come from organisms found only in the rainforest.
ARGH!! what will we do when there is no of the bautiful forest left because our sefishness, and how many animals are losing their homes and dying?

The magnitude of this loss to the world was most poignantly described by Harvard's Pulitzer Prize-winning biologist Edward O. Wilson over a decade ago:

"The worst thing that can happen during the 1980s is not energy depletion, economic collapses, limited nuclear war, or conquest by a totalitarian government. As terrible as these catastrophes would be for us, they can be repaired within a few generations. The one process ongoing in the 1980s that will take millions of years to correct is the loss of genetic and species diversity by the destruction of natural habitats. This is the folly that our descendants are least likely to forgive us for."

primprim said...

I'm like kittykat and room5ian, I'm not really into stuff like current events and stuff.
but If its something major like global warming that can be kinda interesting.

Gymstrata people I have a good video on my blog that can help us with our routine!!!

Kitty Kat said...

Primprim I visited your blog to find the video but I couldn't find it?

Thats sa really good point room5ian

Skipper Bob said...

umm if you want my dad to come talk about global warming can it be this friday?????????

Kitty Kat said...

Skipper Bobs dad!
That would be awesome. 'Caz hes from another perspective right??
I think it would be very interesting and educational!
Will he come Mr Woody??

P.S. I saw your post primprim. you hadn't posted it when I first looked.

Kitty Kat said...


for info on 'Who killed the electric car?'

Apparantly a company made heaps of electric cars then crushed them all because the oil companies would loose money.
The electric car would have helped the earth alot!!

Miss Candy said...

i always dreamed of an electric car i thought that it could work like this.

a bigger version of a toy car. the remote is built in.

bob that's great! he should!

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

Eletric cars dont go that fast and people usually like that so then there is hybrid (or something) cars which run on petrol and electricty, so if you want to grunt, you use the petrol and then if you are just mucking around in traffic, then switch to electricity.....then there are cars that run on water, sounds perfect, right? well apparantly petrol companys make threats to these inventors as it would have a huge impact on their bussiness....and not a very good one! why cant we do whats best rather than take the greedy way through???

luigi said...

i agree room5ian