Monday, July 28, 2008

Budgie Time!

Lucky Larry has flown into our lives. Tell us what you know or have learned about budgies.

Also tell us what you have learned about axolotls. How rare is it for them to breed in captivity?

Do you know if its normal for frogs to hibernate in winter?

How long do goldfish live?

Who was the rat we read about today and what was the author's message?

I hope you enjoy having class pets. Would you like to have chickens for our sustainable garden? If so, what could the benefits be for your learning?

Please answer thoughtfully to justify the inclusion of animals in your slightly peculiar learning programme.


mojo said...

Well the chickens would help our learning it could teach us about cooking if we cook the eggs.We would also learn about taking care of animals and we would learn about building to build the chicken coop.

mech boy said...

The name of the rat in the story was Riley.

I have learnt that Budgies eat fruit, vegetables, seeeds, pasta, bread. I have also learnt that, under no circumstances are you to give the Budgies chocolate, avocado, canned vegetables, rhubarb, eggplant, alcohol, and coffee.

P.S. Don't the cleaners have cleaning implements that contain alcohol? Will that affect the Budgie/s at all?

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

Good point mechboy.
I learnt that budgies are really noisy. I haven't really... oh, never feed them Avoca (avacado). That really hit home with me since I love avoca but not my step-mum!

to Tell the truth mr woody, I didn't know axolotls didn't breed in captivity. And I have learnt the change like a frog.

Oh, Mr WOody, the thing is, we havn't learnt much about any of the other animals, only the ritty-rats.

Probably normal.

Um... those ones, about three
years, maybe four?

We read about riley, and the authors message was to be content with what you have, and even if you get hit by a car, find the positive lessons in it, because that is all you've got.

I would love some chickens! We could make food out of it, or sell the eggs, and... I have something up about it on my blog, go look!

Queenie said...

I learnt that budgies can live up to 15 years and that when they chirp it means they are very happy.
(They are also very noisy in class when we have all gone quiet.)

The rats name was Riley and the authors message was to say live a happy life with just enough stuff.

It would be good to have chickens in our sustainable garden because we would learn how to look after them, what they need and how to build a chicken coop as mojo said. It would be fun as well.

I am not sure how long goldfish live for but goldfish can grow to be 3 kg and 45 cm long but are usually much smaller than this.

olly said...

The oldest ever goldfish was named Tish. Tish lived for an amazing 43 years!!
Normal gold fish can live up to 20+ years if they are fed a varied diet, and their tank is really clean.
I found this infomation at:

If we have chickens for our sustainable I think that we will learn by the measurements of the chicken coop.

fred said...

goldfish can live fo3 20+ years if they have a varied diet. for more on goldfish's lifespan visit

the best information I found on the axolotl was on

The rat that we read about today was riley and the author was trying to say not to compare your life to an animals and enjoy life because it isn,'t going to last forever

I had a budgie for 4 years so i know quite a bit about them and pet city can tell you all you need to know about them

frog don't hibernate in winter they estivate - to spend a hot, dry season in an inactive, dormant state, as certain reptiles, snails, insects, and small mammals- so it's like hibernating in summer

I think we should have chickens. i agree with mojo. it would teach us to cook if we cooked the eggs

Kitty Milo said...

ho everyone.
About budgies, I have learnt that when you are being quiet, budgie's are really loud and chirp alot. I guess she was really happy though. Is larry a girl or a boy? oh and can we please call her buddy?
I think ashymashy has taught me ALOT about axolotls and was good looking after them. she told me like the habitat of them and what they act like, and also about the older axolotls. I also read her blog posts and learnt heaps.
Apparently they eat eachother when they are young.

On monday I went to look at them and there were HEAPS of tiny little axolotls that looked alot like tadpoles. This is a really good site to go to that's about axolotl's and answers all these faq's and tells you about them. Faq's are frequently asked questions.:
The rate we read about today
was called Riley! I loved that book. I think the author was trying to tell people that we always want what we don't have so we should be happy with what we have, just like Riley was!
Yes, I love having class pets. They brighten up the room and have been a big impact on our year so far. They are like classmates(who don't contribute) well, they kinda do.
Yes, I would love chickens in our garden. We could learn about chicken ways like how they act and interact, we could learn how to properly look after lots of pets in the outdoors and how to raise animals and make them a healthy,safe place to live!!!!
I hope that helped, sorry, I havn't
been on for a little while but I have been on my own blog!!!!!
Kitty Milo

Kitty Milo said...

p.s-cool new picture Mr Woody!!!! I loved skyping the other classes today and talking to Mr Teehan! He spoke funny. Hehe=]

Roo said...

1.I learnt the you can tell the gender of a budgie by the colour of the nose area.

2.Axolotls like to eat small fish, it also is a good sorce of excercise for the axolotl. It is not rare that axolotls breed in captivity. But it is rare for them to breed in the wild as they are hard to catch. The axolotl is on the CITES endangered speicies list. However there is enough breeding going on in captivity for the axolotl to survive.


3.It is normal for frogs to hibernate in winter. Frogs hibernate at the bottom of streams and ponds where the water does not freeze. Woodland frogs find shelter under leaves and dirt.


4.I think goldfish live to the age of 15-20.

5. The rats name was Riley. I think the author's was be happy wiht what you have. Don't get what you don't need.

6.Yes I would like to have chcikens as it would give us the skill of looking after a pet and learning how to measure things properly for a coop.

P.S. Mr. Woody, cool picture.

Mr A-Man said...

Hey guys and girls, do you have any idea how flash you all sound!!

Way to go room5ians!

mudpies02 said...

OK, well, the rat we read about today was called Riley. And the author's message was that people all want too much, can't be trusted with pointy sticks, and are never satisfied with what they have.

Um, well goldfish have very different lives. Our last 2 goldfish stayed alive for 4 years, while I know some goldfish that didn't even live to a week (out of the pet shop). So they can all have very different life spans. I think there is something to do with coming out of a pond and coming out of a pet shop that affects their life too....

Well, I don't really know that much about budgies, but that budgies are easier to train if you clip their wings, and that Lucky Larry and Little Lulu really like the mirror in their cage. Oh! And I know that they can live for up to 15 years!!! They definitely live longer than goldfish!!

Sorry! I don't know if it is normal for frogs to hibernate in winter. I've never heard of that before...

Very rare? I can't remember what you said!! Um...

Yes! I definitely do enjoy having class pets! Now that I don't have any pets anymore it is great we have loads at school!!
It would be really cool to have chickens for our sustainable garden! We would learn how to look after one, what to feed it, and what a free range chicken's egg tastes like! We would also be able to get chickens for our house when we grow up which would reduce battery farming.

Class pets are coooooooooooooool!!!

mudpies02 said...

Oh, and by the way I didn't read any of the other posts before I wrote my one, so I didn't cheat!!

Empress Penguin said...

i think that goldfish live for about 2 years usually, but as rosiegal said 'the life of a goldfish varies.