Thursday, July 24, 2008

If you're a teacher reading this....

...and you're going to Ulearn, please introduce yourself so we can chat about what you might like to hear about in a "breakout".

If you're a kid reading this maybe you could talk about the most interesting or useful ICT stuff we do in class.


Thanks for helping out. All idea sharing appreciated.
BTW -teachers - Twitter is cool for low key interaction in a teaching community.


I_luv_animals_AKA_ashymashy said...

well i dont really understand the post sorry... im not sure if your asking us about i.c.t intergraton, because if thats what your asking i could go on for ages...
anyway ill wait for you to tell me at school tomorrow
see ya

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

We have a dataprojector. It helps HEAPS. I also like it that we go to do digi-learning-objects at ICT time.

mudpies02 said...

Yeah, the data projector's really good when we're looking at the blog :o) And then of course we have blogging! Blogging is awesome!!!

Btw, sorry that I'm away from school! I feel so gruck!!! (My word!)

Kitty Milo said...

hi everyone. Yes I think the data projector is really good and handy because it allows the whole class to view something at the same time instead of all crowding around!
I also think that the cellphone mr woody has is cool because he can like text on it, take videos of us and heaps of other cool stuff he can do. Scientists from the olden days would have thought this was like beyond impossible but it's not.
Please visit my blog because I have put a new post on about how to look after budgie's, just incase we keep the budgie=] and a post where you can put any name suggestions on what you think he/she should be called! Please visit!

rosiegal said...

One of the really helpful ICT things that we use is... THis!! THe blog is so tremendously useful, and more people in our class should recognise it.
Answering the budgie nick name thingy: THe group of 5 who stayed back lookingafter the budgie while the others were playing soccer, thought of a nick name untill its owner is found) for it. (well, I suggested it and the others agreed)
The name could be "Zesty". AS its colouring is sorta lemon and limey, get it, zest?????

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

Um, rosie Zesty is kinda... I thought Citrus, and Zesty was just a nickname... if we can keep 'the budgie', a more sutable name may be chosen...
This is a piece of ICT equipment, good point rosie!

Snowy said...

I think that it would be really good if we could have a PDA phone.
We could use them in so many ways:

-We could take photos with it.

-We could video people.

-We could video the progress off the sustainable garden with it then put updates on the blog.

-We could video people having interveiws with it, then we can look back at it.

-On feild trips we could, take pictures and then send them to the blog.

-We could use the programes on there such as microsoft word to make notes on a feild trip or do small presentations on it.

It can also be used in many different ways other that the ones i said.

Our blog is also and awesome ICT.

-We use it to communicate with people after school, if you are sick, in the weekends and in the holidays.

-We use the blog to if we are just about to go on a feilf trip.

-We use the blog to share information, debate problems, talk about new and old topics, and keep in touch with our newish friends in New Jersey.

-We also have other friends in other parts of New Zealand.

-We can see on our cluster map how many people and where abouts in the world people have been looking at our blog.

Bye, see you at school

MrWoody said...

That is a seriously cool comment, Snowy - thank you for sharing your insights and ideas. Well DONe!
We shall put some of your ideas into practise a.s.a.p.

MrWoody said... teachers then, huh?
lovely kids though! :-)