Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I just realised I am sitting here doing school work at home, with Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, my mobile phone for txting , email, and skype all running as i keep in touch with family, friends, colleagues and my class. So cool!
What are you guys doing?


Snowy said...

Wow, todays tecnology is so good. You can do so much.

Well my rep hockey training got canceled so i have nothing to do.

B.T.W. do we need to bring our science fair to school tomorrow if you have already seen it and said it was ok, or can we just bring it to school tomorrow?

See ya,

I_luv_animals_AKA_ashymashy said...

yeah, snowy i so agree about the technology thing, well what i was doing was going to do a poster for saying "no to rubbish bags and yes to enviromentaly friendly" but i havent got my card paper or colouring pencils so it wouldnt look that good sorry i wasnt on yesterday

**KERLI** said...

Wow. Mr. Woody, you've never been so bored that you've asked us what we're doing.
Well I've been doing science fair and all the typing for it and it's taken forever.
But I've got a new dance class tomorrow.
I'm really psyched out!
Hey do any of you know a good horse-riding place or a good singing place.
Just exploring my options.
Oh and I'm bored. That means I have nothing to do. When I have nothing to do I start talking about all sorts of random things.

Snowy said...

Where are you doing dancing????

flower kitty said...


Well, when you put your post on the blog, I was busy swimming!
Before that I had a flute lesson, and we went to brass band after swimming!

So I was quite busy...

Mr A-Man said...

Thats pretty impressive Mr Woody!! Right now I'm procratinating about getting back into my massive stack of readings I have to do during a break I have before I go to my next class! You should see it, first day back we got a stack about 3-4 inches thick, 2nd day we got another 3-4 inches, 3rd we got bout 4 inches!! That's of course for the whole semester, but some classes are still handing out hand-outs as well!! Will no-one think of the trees! It could all be distributed electonicaly.

**KERLI** said...

Sorry Mr. Woody, you're not bored you're really amazed at all the different communication devices we have.
In answer to your question snowy, I am going to a latin-american dance class.
It was so fun and I learned lots of stuff.
There's always a complicated answer in dance.
Apparently I did quite well so I'm chuffed about that.
Chuffed is my new word now.
I'm bored.

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

Um... I do blogger, twitter, MSN, email, phoning, TXT, Bebo, and one-to-one talking.
I love how on:
MSN, I talk to people who were in my class when I was a year five and they were a year six, and now are year eights at Berkley. I also chat to Kerli!
Blogger keeps me updated with the class, twitter with some absolute strangers (!!! (But I don't talk personally. I am very vacant)) and Kerli, Emial keeps me in touch with my Mum and sister who are in Canada, phoning keeps me updated with the gossip from friends, TXT is for random stuff, like (When she's back in NZ of course!) keeping updated with the latest toilet humor from my mother, Bebo keeps me chatting with a long-lost friend from Palmerston North, and I talk to people one-to-one on a regular basis!
Oh, I forgot I also send letters to my Great Aunt in Whagarei.

Dreamhuntress said...

I usally keep in touch with my friends on mobile or if they don't have one, Runescape or Clubpenguin or of course the blog.(who's interested to go on animal camp for camp?)

young_veteran said...

Who are you and what have you done with Woody? you never ask us kids what were doing, its always save the whales, protect the rain forests, look at my cool new gadget. unless... you finally that they aren't important children are for we are the future.
but anyway I'm just texting, playing 4 different internet games at once and unfortunately having to do "gulp" 4 pages of maths equations, a 3oo word essay, a title page, learn the first 30 elements on the periodic table and managing to look stunning while doing it all.
fight the power.