Monday, August 25, 2008

Why Do Room5ians Rule?

So could you explain for our guests on open night why Room5ians Rule?
What's different or exciting about the yr 7 GATE class?
Describe some of your opportunities or experiences this year that you think are interesting.
How is it different to a "normal" class?
Please also give us reasons why Peachgrove is a cool school.


gnome said...

Room5ians rule because Gnome is a Room5ian!!!!!!!!!!!!

gnome said...

We also rule because we have heaps and heaps of I.C.T integrated learning as well as lots of things we could use in our day to day lifes whenn we get older like time and self management skills. We also have a fantastic teacher who gives us heaps of oppurtunities to do lots of stuff from meeting the mayor and lots of othetr stuff that's why I recommend you to become a Room5ian. Peace out

olly said...

I think that Peachgrove is a cool and fun school because of all the AWESOME teachers(especially Mr Woody):)
Also all of the other kids at the school are really friendly.
There are heaps of different tech groups, which are really fun.
There are heaps of different sports that you can get involved in, there is also Waimaths and Lit-quiz.
There are heaps of things to do at lunch time(library, I.C.T suite, then BIG field, the tennis courts, the dome and the pool in summer, and thats not even all!!)

chickenfeety said...

There are heaps of I.C.T like skiping and blogging I didn't even know they egsested and now I'm useing the. We also got do be one of the first schools in the world to do marvin and the mayor juged it and someone won a digital camera

cool a
and cheese club olly

mech boy said...

In term 1-2 we wrote our Kakepuku stories-which more exciting than you might think- we have gone on a fieldtrip into town, and around the Waikato river and Hamilton City Council to take photos of things.
Policemen have come into our class to talk to us about the different types of graffiti; art, and vandalism.
We have tramped our way up and down Mt. Kakepuku, in terrible conditions.
Made Marvin presentations (Marvin is a new software Microsoft developed and wanted us to test out). Those presentations got judged by the mayor and other very important people.

Here is one of the many things I have to say about Peachgrove, Peachgrove is a great school beacause there are so many sports on offer, like: soccer, hockey, rugby, netball, waka-ama (pardon my spelling mistakes, if any), swimming, softball, basketball, and in-line hockey (there are probably more I haven't thought of).

'Good teaching must be slow enough so that it is not confusing, and fast enough so that it is not boring.'- American journalist.

gnome said...

I think that chickenfeety means chess club not cheese club

chickenfeety said...

ye gnome tipo my mistake with a few others thanks

chickenfeety said...

sorry if that sounded abit rude

gnome said...

that okay chickenfeety

Dreamhuntress said...

HOw is the intermediate in action going?

Dreamhuntress said...

Room5ians are the best class in the school you know why? It's because we'ev got the best teacher, pets and opportunitys. Here are a few examples: In the start of the year we got to meet some people from the Hamilton city council including the mayor and people from Micrsoft, we got to try out a new program called Marvin and more recently we have been going to the greenhouse to plant stuff which is all in the name of variable testing e.g: what kind of dirt they grow most well in, P H levels e.c.t if you arn't into that sort of stuff some people in our class have been adding up the amount of cost that we need to buy gardening stuff and some designers are essential.

And that's just a few of the things that we are doing this year. And you know why we are also different for other 'normal'classes? It's because we've got so much oppertunitys that other kids in the school are just jealous e.g we've been on feild trips were we climbed mountians in search of plants, and we've been planning on taking a feild trip to the Hamiton gardens so we could take photos of plants so we could compare them with a class way down in Christchurch (and we skype them[skyping is when you talk to them and see them on the internet for free, in our class room we do this recently])

So it all adds up that Room5ians are the best class in the school.

(Everything on here is true)

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

I think room5ians rule because we all are one. We are five. We can not be anything else, but yet even though we are one, we are individuals. we all have a talent no one else can quite exspress like we can. So thats why we are top!
Peachy is cool because you are indipendent, and we learn lots more, and we have more exsprerience, the staff are SO freindly, and we can always make friends.
I think I am a cool room5ian because I have a talent others do not exspress as well. And I am just glowing. True.
(PS Visit and get a taste of what it feels like to be homeless to a best-selling author)

I_luv_animals_AKA_ashymashy said...

Ummmmm.....well after reading everyones post i think they have it covered really!but yes we do rule!

Mr A-Man said...

Room5ians are also cool because you have a great sense of humour in your class, and you are very supportive of bumbleling students teachers who are trying to work out how to do things!! - (and can't spell!)

P.S. I'm on Teaching Recess, which sort of means I've got two weeks holiday! Ha ha for you suckers who still have to work!! I'd like to visit again probably next week, hopefully in the morning when you're doing some work (so I can see how things are done), and not the afternoon on friday when you're doing P.E!! Catch ya when I catch ya! - Mr A out.

Kitty Milo said...

room5ians rule because we are all really friendly, we have fun together in class but we also get our work done. we do fun but hard and challenging work. we work together as a team and encourage eachother, we learn more than just basic topics like english and maths.
PEACHGOVE rules because they have heaps of cool opportunities for everyone eg- sporty poeople we have cross country, interschool, aims for the top sports people, athletics day, swimming sports and the school pool is open in two terms.
Brainy people we have things like maths groups that go and battle other groups(peachy came first)we have a school science fair and if yours is good enough it will go to the Waikato science fair.
Music/acting people we have an awesome drama tech group, a music group and sometimes we have a extension drama group who does a performance. We have orchestra and choir and after school music lessons.
There are sooo much more things that i havn't named but peachgrove is an awesome school so please come!

I_luv_animals_AKA_ashymashy said...

WOW!!!Kittymilo you said everything i was thinking well done!!

mudpies02 said...

Ummmmm, well....

Room5ians rule because we stick together through thick and thin and are always trying out new things. We learn about different things everyday (you can guarantee that with Mr Woody around 8c)!) and don't let a small thing stop a BIG idea. With a great sense of humour and smiles on our faces all the time EVERYONE should (and does) want to come to Room 5 and become a room5ian!