Thursday, December 04, 2008

Cat versus Kendo

darn it - just as I got past my first grading and have earned the right to wear hakama and gi, my poor cat Lionel got attacked and seriously injured, costing me HUNDREDS of dollars in vet bills. Now my kendo savings are spent on medical bills. This disappointing, but imagine how much I will love my kendo clothing and armour when I eventually manage to save up for it again.

Our next grading is in January and will be much tougher with a panel of five black belts.

This brings me to my hidden point:

Something you have to work hard for becomes much more valuable to you when you eventually succeed. Conversely, if you have things handed to you on a plate [so to speak] you may not appreciate them as much as if you had to earn them.

I am sure similar messages can be shared from some of you who work hard to succeed in your personal sports or hobbies. Please tell me your story here...


Gaboose said...
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Roo said...

I will just miss you :(

Well I suppose it would be like my Karate. I have to work for like a whole year before I can grade. Even then I might not make it to the next level.

So with Mr Woody's context my black belt is valuable thing, and I didn't have it handed to me on a plate.

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

I agree with Gaboose.
Myabe Mr Woody will come back to Peachy, telling everyone how 'orrible Fairfeild is, haha.

I would rather save the cat.

HamilTRON said...

Yeah Mr WOodles!!! Fairfield vs Peachgrove. I guess Fairfield Won!!!

Yeah me hockey n cricket.

More pay is better than nothing!

Guys come on, I thought we were supposed to support Mr Woody in his doings good or bad. If it's best for him, you know what I mean!

Projects due in tommorow...


Gaboose said...
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mech boy said...

Good question Gaboose.
Well This weekend I am going to Auckland to play a game called magic the gathering. I will probably have to face professionals and people who are much older and have more experience playing. If I do well I could get a least $200.00.

I_luv_animals_AKA_ashymashy said...

It's cool to know everybody cares i guess, but mr.woody made a decision and he's all ready accepted it so i guess we'll just have to live with it.

Dreamhuntres said...

I agrre with gaboose and neinamarie, nd then go and teach t hillcerst high.

Dreamhuntres said...

I also agree with adnan, he's making a step towards his dreams(?).

awesomo4000 said...

oh well life goes on he moves on because hes thinking to the future if he dosent stop at us he may never stop because the next class might be like us and ask him to stay and so on . but atleast we'll have class party with him

HamilTRON said...

Mr Woody, At Fairfield are you going to have a blog? If so can you tell us the link?

That would be great!


HamilTRON said...

Neina Marie, The Next Simon Cowell!!!

Not meaning that in an offensive way!


Miss Signal said...

You guys seem really upset that Mr Woody is going, and fair enough!! I was really impressed with all of you and your class when I visited.

Just remember it is often not an easy decision for a teacher to move schools!

Miss S.

Aquagirl said...

I fell sorry for the kids who came through and got really keen to be in Mr Woodys class and do blogging. I wonder weather Mr Bromal will do next year for the gate class.

I recon i got the best out of Mr Woody leaving after all i got to imbarrass him in front of the principal and kakepuke

I am going to miss him next year though:'-(

P.S what is that game everyone is playing in class this week?