Tuesday, December 30, 2008

funny voice from the past

Today i got a message from a former student saying she knew one of the people in this year's class - she asked if that person had given me much trouble. that made me laugh. funnily enough it was someone who caused a few unsavoury issues ... but nothing too bad. sadly there was some nastiness from their parent but we expect that in our job [- and don't assume you know who it is please, but the person wrote a nasty letter to the principal about me]. there is always someone who has their own problems and tries to cause trouble at school. naturally this makes teaching a harder profession for people to stick with. fortunately the overwhelming majority of parents find me a decent teacher/person who genuinely cares for and tries to foster creativity and thinking skills in students. i reeeeeally appreciated the heartfelt messages from kids and parents alike at the end of this year. i could finish teaching now and look back fondly with pride having heard truly lovely words from the likes of Mojo and Roo's mums who came to see me in the last week. it was also cool to receive thanks and farewells from former students and their parents. Also the sincere affection and gratitude from the likes of DreamHuntress and Roo. It warmed the cockles of my heart to be invited to become a family friend of awesomo4000. How could i forget the battle with logon for the hand of my wife. and of course, i treasure the gift of tears when shed in parting. I will remember the love many of you shared for gardening. the way you discussed such big concepts like globalisation. the incredible projects produced by the likes of Gaboose, NeinaMarie and Mudpies. The awesome determination and successes of Kittymilo. your class connections with Mr TEehan's class in New Jersey. Hamiltron's fantastic general knoweldge about world events. your world fame via this blog. the partnership with the HCC and the youth council. mechboy's encoragemtn to read the Bill Bryson book [i have it by me now, Mechboy] your work with Microsoft Partners in Learning. Savvy's personal assistance. Snowy's undying commtiment to our class. Hilzy's fame in public. Ellabella's potatohead and forgetfulness. being called mum and mr woodcock sir and mr woodcock ma'am. your awesome cheerful greetings. hugs. playfights. french cricket. asian dub foundation [even though they left]! and so much more!
I find it reassuring that you kids avoided nastiness this year. in fact all of you were really good considering how things normally end up with people fighting in term four.
i did think it was pretty stink to have someone trying to record me in class with their cell phone with the idea of getting me in trouble. i suspect the aforementioned parent at home didn't help that situation. sadly it's behaviour like that that spoils trust and openness and risk taking in education. it also makes prinicipals ban cell phones from school. if everyone used technology responsibly it would be much easier to promote its uninhibited use in schools. students must remember that most teachers are less techno savvy than them and are afraid of what they don't understand. so, to allow teachers to step outside their comfort zone everything needs to be SAFE for everyone. to make it riskier for schools by doing silly things holds us all back. thankfully your exceptional use of this blog has been exemplary and allowed us to continue in an open way. one or two people posted some naughty things this year but i got rid of them quickly before others saw them. i know who did it and i am not surprised. [remember, everything you put on the internet is traceable and there forever...]
anyhow, Room5ians definitely RULE! there will never be another bunch like you guys. well done and arohanui!


Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

Some of those facts are a little... i dunno. But why would someone want to get their teacher into trouble???

Guess what - my best present from Christmas was a doll house. Say what you like. I'm bursting with grattitude for the giver and excitement about the fact I shall have to renovate before my family (which don't exist yet) can move in.

I have also another piece of good fortune to give you - I won fifty dollars a while a go and now I have it in cheque!!! Yayayay!

Dreamhuntres said...

This is one long post mr.woody, even though I like reading, this one dosn't look too appeling to me.

Gaboose said...
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Snowy said...

That is such a cool post!!!
I loved this year soooooo much. I hope that some of us can stay in touch. My family thinks that we are all a great bunch of kids!!!
Our end of year party was a lot of fun. Its a shame that some girls decided not to come.
And we did some well in the class events in the last week. WE CAN 5TH OUT OF THE WHOLE SCHOOL!!!!!

I will see most of you next year.

Mr Woody, I wish you all the best for next year. Pleaes come and visit us during next year.

See ya, Snowy

Mr. Teehan said...

I am saddened by this posting for several reasons. First, it is so true that some non-techno savvy teachers are very afraid to try integrating technology into their classes. It makes it more difficult when students make poor choices like trying to video a teacher in order to try and get him/her into trouble. Secondly, it sounds like Mr. Woody is leaving your school and I'm not sure why or to where. If that is the case, your school has lost a truly remarkable educator and facilitator of learning. Another reason is because this wonderful class will no longer be together. I hope all of you keep in contact with each other and pass along the exceptional experiences Mr. Woody has given. Good luck to all of you!

MrWoody said...

of course i will, Snowy
- and thank you, Mr Teehan, for your very kind thoughts :-) I have taken another job at a new school [Fairfield] around the corner. same kinda school, same kinda classroom but with better access to technology. We will keep in touch :-)

Gaboose said...
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MrWoody said...

uh oh, Mr Gaboose, sounds ominous...
hope it's all okay. If it's not, I'll find another job.

mech boy said...

Good luck at Fairfield!

Midnightkiller the Vampiress said...

Like mechboy said good luck at fairfeild, your going to need it

p.s im dreamhuntress

Roo said...

Wow, this is a long post.
But it was a very thoughtful post Mr.Woody.

2008 was the best year ever.

I hope I keep in touch with you Mr.Woody.

P.S. Sorry I haven't been on awhile, I have been doing a bit of travelling. Oooh, I will be having my very own vege garden sometime in the not so far future.

mudpies02 said...

It will be great if we can all keep in touch!!! This was such a cool class and we were so tight!! :o) I've got green tomatoes on my tomato plants and I have 6 lettuce plants!!!! Haven't named them yet. (For those of you who didn't know, my tomato plants are called Gordon, Jemima, Casper, and Murtle!!!) :o)

rosiegal said...

That certainly was a long post!
Yay!!! Go tomatoes!!!
I certainly wont forget the tight class we had.
hope every thing goes well at fairfield.
Thank you so much Mr woody.
Bon voyage, Hilzy

Kitty Milo said...

I got heeeeeeeeeeeaps for christmas but I won't say because i will be bragging.
Oh wait, I might have already said it in a different post lol typical me.
Anywayzz, cool post.
I saw You Mr woody You were tearing that garage down accross the road! U nearly got Squashed by that Wood, ur relation l0l.
Ohk, L8rz!!!

Tweedle-Dum Plum said...

i don't think thats very far to write that kind confidential information from school on the blog knowing that this is ment to be kept between you and even though you are not naming people have to they internet i suggest taking this down even though this will leave a digital footprint it would be for the best

MrWoody said...

interesting opinion tweedledum.
really enjoyed having you in '08 Room5ians.
will always remember your splendid poetry recitals.
- awesome! unparalleled! superb!

MrWoody said...

the thing is tweedledumb, i don't think the minority should be able to ruin it for the majority.
every year one or two people try to take out their personal problems on the rest of us and ruin it for everyone with their selfish, unreasonable behaviour and i will not tolerate it for the sake of political correctness or fear of what bullies will do.
parents or students.
and no, i will not censor my blog according to the whims of others.