Friday, December 26, 2008

xmas and boxing day

i think i like boxing day even more than xmas day. what do you think?
i had a lovely xmas with my family.
today though is about deep deep relaxation and blissful hedonism
what a perfect day it is
and thank you to candycane for reminding me how lovely you Room5ians are.
thank you to the wee group of stayers who shared some lovely stories of their year with each other as we counted down the minutes, playing french cricket world championship out by the old oak tree. incredible fielding skills shown by Cece, Roo n SebV - the eventual champion, winning in the last few seconds with a magnificent piece of fielding the likes of which one might hope to see on tv during a test cricket match.
so lovely.
treasured memories
love you kids


Kitty Milo said...


i got heeeeeeeeeeeeeeaps of stuff for xmas and my bday. so much i cant even name it its to much but it was awesome.
i like xmas waaaaaaaaay better.

HamilTRON said...

Sorry Kitty Milo for not saying happy b-day!
Awww Candycane that sounds sweet.

Isn't Boxing day like the 2nd Christmas, were we give presents to the poor???

Me off to watch the first 20/20 match between the Blackcaps and The West Indies. It's going to be a ripper of a match!


HamilTRON said...


Yay for Cece, Roo and SebV

Dreamhuntres said...

But of course you will still keep the blog running, won't you....

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

I had a horrible christmas. First of all, my little bro threw up on the way to Wellington, then on Chirstmas both my couins got a horrible fluey cold and one had tonsilitis. On chirtmas day.

Olly said...

sory about ur Christmas neina-marie.
I had really good xmas and got cool as presents,
I love you too mr woody(not in a gay way though)

rosiegal said...

I had a pretty great christmas too!
Did anything interesting happen on the last day? I didnt go to school... he he.

MrWoody said...

thanks Olly - i am impressed with how your mum n dad have raised you to be comfortable with public affection [for want of a better term] for friends n family. i think it's a great gift and something more NZers could do with. as a nation many of us have grown up being told it's not okay to have and share feelings.
thank you for your thoughtful response :-) you are a cool kid .
thanks to all of you who are still commenting.
i still need a new name for my new blog. one that will last once each year ends.