Sunday, February 26, 2006

did you know...?

teachers, parents - do you realise that students already think that email is for old people? [they all IM - instant message - each other.]
cds are a thing of the past. only mp3's will do.
the internet is a legitimate environment for kids to connect, form friendships, socialise, collaborate and learn. the world is open to them. when they are online, they are connected - not isolating themselves from the 'real' world. even gaming is a complex interactive social endeavour, for them. they don't play games in rigid isolation - they get together in a virtual world and plan things.
this i why we have to relinquish some control and let them lead the way. we can help them develop, if we listen. have you noticed that when they're online, they are totally engrossed in what they are doing??? pretty powerful learning tool, i reckon.

hasta entonces amigos


hi said...

Hey Mr Woody. That is really not true!! I didn't know about ipods and mp3 players until I got a mp3 player for christmas! But the internet is a great place to socailise like you said and I love email!! But for some people is true. I mean I wouldn't actually mind if there wasn't all this technology around. I actually think I'd like a lot more than I do now! I'm crazy, aren't I? Well, see you in class!

Amal said...

Hey Mr Woody. I so totally agree with sigrid. I have an e-mail and my friends and i catch up on the gossip, but it is true that old people have an e-mail.


ash said...

hi mr woody i disagree with them i use celphones, the net and tecnoligy heaps

Mr Woody said...

A very mature response, sigrid. And it's excellent to hear balance coming from you younguns.

Mr Woody said...

ASh - if you were able to add one bit of hardware [like a phone or laptop or pda] to your daily class routines, which one would you choose and why?

ash said...

think that i would like a laptop cause you cold go on the net and stuff but i would also like a celphone caus you can txt people if you dont no wat to do or you can tell the teacher the answer but the the celphones cost money and some people dont have enough money to spend on celphones but if some one buys the laptop then there is not many other costs 4 a lap top

Ernesty said...

I still use email but i lik IM better!
I love goin on RS (Runescape) and run around and PKing (PK : Player Killing!)other unfortunate people with my friends!

hi said...

i'm just answering the question that you aimed at ash to say i'd have none. because you have to go through a lot of work to get the laptop filtered, and even then some things still come up. the pda can break (or fall down the toilet, tee hee hee, i'll tell you at school) and the cellphone costs money. ipods get scratched, and things like that.

i like recking your fun. lol

cya l8er

Ps the falling down the toilet involves my mum (tee hee hee)

catgirl said...

I think that technology is gr8, but using it 2 much on a daily basis can be quite weird. I dont have an email address, and the only way i communicate (when i rarely do) is by phone or txt. Like sigrid, im not really up to date with stuff like that. Honest, people say that kids r more up 2 date, but sum parents know more than their kids!

Mr Woody said...

I tried out runescape last year, but I was too lazy to go through the tutorials and gave up. Naughty me - i have more fun playing things like AoE, RoN, etc.
Actually, these days i like to read info on the net and 'surf'. This fun too. PLaying golf, going to the beach and visiting friends is good too.

Mr.Brainy said...

lol mr woody!!! i like online!! especially when u play with other people. i also have and e-mail

Hewitt said...
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MysteryMan said...

whos hewitt and come to my blog theres a clue about who i am

!~*ZuZu*~! said...

Well i disagree with Amal and Sigrid... A LOT!

I use Msn messenger everyday and i have a webcam AND a microphone.
I have an email address...many!
I txt my friends and my auntie in America A LOT as well!
AAANNND i like surfing the web and looking up this a.k.a reasearching them!
For example i like looking up things on surfing and dogs and I absoloutly LLLOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEEEE looking up things about sport because i LOVE sport sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!

Anyway i also have a lap-top and my family is getting an i-pod pretty soon.

I use the telephone a lot as well !
Anyway thats about me lol!

buh bye

vicky4 said...

Hi everyone the internet is a great place to look up for basicly anything.It is sometimes dangerous but It's still sooooooooo cooooooool