Saturday, February 25, 2006

POint eNGLand PoD

Wow! Dorothy's Point England school podcasting on iTunes is fantastic!
The children are amazing - so professional.
The podcast is set up to sound like a radio station with jingle [vERy catchy!], intro, presenters and contributors enthusiastically reviewing NZ children's books. I was blown away...

"Pt England Primary School in Auckland, New Zealand, has an enthusiastic group of students producing a weekly podcast they call KPE - Korero Pt England."


There is also a new feature on iTunes to write reviews of the KPE podcasts.

Have a listen for yourself - there is a link via the link above.

Ka kite


hi said...

Kool link Mr Woody

Mr Woody said...

thanks sigrid - Mrs McC at school has sent me some more links to find out about podcasting so we're heading in the right direction. we could start developing our contetn ideas now. get together with your friends and discuss what you would like to achieve. think about possible difficulties and how you might overcome them.

Amal said...

Hey Mr woody we could call our radio station Demented DJ Station.


ash said...

i couldnt get the link to work 4 some random reason

hi said...

That is a relly rockin' name amal!! I think it suits our class and more importantly our teacher, as well!!! lol

cya l8er

Tonks said...

I'm so excited!! I'm popping with excitment. I'm going absulutly mad. My anigus powers is taking over me, just coz of the excitment!

gotta go!!!!

Amal said...

What is our radio station gonna be about?

JeSs said...

Hey mr woody when are we gonna do some pod casting?? does it cost to down load them to your ipod???

!~*ZuZu*~! said...

Wow i think it is amazing what they are doing and bery worthwhile and fun!

I think that we all would be xcited if this happened 2 us in our class and yea !

Kids Expo - ICT in Action said...

Thank you very much for your generous comments folk from Room 9. We love podcasting KPE and have been doing it for close to a year now. We have started a vi cast this term as well and call it kpeTV. You can search for it in iTunes and download it if you want to LOOK at listen.
Please let me know if you get your podcast up and running as our kids at Pt England School will want to listen.

Dorothy Burt