Friday, February 24, 2006

Podcasting at school

I have only listened to one podcast - about learning spanish - and am hungry for more having met Dorothy from Point England school last night at the Learning at Schools conference in Rotorua. What a great lady! Her enthusiasm was infectious and her school's podcasts are reputed to be highly successful. I am going to 'google' Dorothy now to find the podcasts...

btw - does any one at Peachgrove want to have a go? I do!


Amal said...

I am very interested at podcasting at school, although it may take a while for me me to learn because I don't use technology much to tell you the truth, so this will be an exciting experience for me.


Mr Woody said...

Great news, Amal. I really appreciate your comment. We will certainly help you to use the technology in a meangingful and fun way.

!~*ZuZu*~! said...

hiya mr. woody and amal! this is zuleka lol

I reckon pod-casting sounds really cool and fun! I also am i xcited 4 wen we get all of our technology stuf coz i thnk dat it wuld b SWEET AS 2 have our radio station or TV station lol it would be the shizz :D
N e way ill come on l8r bt im gnna go swimming in my pool now lol
c ya 2moro!!

hi said...

I am really into podcasting, but I'm a lot like Amal, my friendly friend friend, and I don't really use technology like that. It's really great to know that you'll help us out though. That would probably get more people interested.


ash said...

im interested in podcasting but i dont know how to do that and im not aloud to take my ipod to school


Mr Woody said...

looks like we will be getting into something really cool then.

!~*ZuZu*~! said...

it sure duz!!!
would we b able 2 put lyk our own things on the I-Pods??? lyk our own recordings our we could sing!! HAHA

Amal said...

I'm even more excited about podcasting at school. I think that using this technology at school will defintley help us in world, the next generation.(us)



Ernesty said...
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!~*ZuZu*~! said...
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Mr Woody said...

remember guys n gals - keep it related to the topic and don't give away your personal details on here. glad you're excited! i am too.

hi said...

dat is really rockin' slang ernesto! lol! but that really cool ideas everyone, i wish i had that many! lol = )

cya l8er

!~*ZuZu*~! said...

pod casting soundz really need and interesting
I think it would be a gud learning experience for us all and also a fun and exciting one!

c u on monday


catgirl said...

I saw this thing on the news on Sunday, about this guy who turns his lectures into podcasts so his students can listen 2 his lectures at home! How cool is that!
Maybe we should do that. NO MORE SCHOOL! But then again, u do need an iPod. And i'm certainly not paying 4 one!

I'll c u monkeys (lol :D) at school on monday!

Mr Woody said...

catgirl - you've hit the nail on the head - school [as we know it] may one day be dead.

Tonks said...

Wotcher catgirl. Is your real name crookshanks and is ur owner hermione granger?

!~*ZuZu*~! said...

i think what catgirl sed is really interesting and sounds really cool!
We could record interesting thing's on IPods and then bring them to school the next day or whenever.!

i think it would be a really fun learning experience for us all

Mr Woody said...

That's an excellent comment Zuleka - take note Rm 9 - this is for learning in a fun and relevant way. not just for fun.

Mr Woody said...

i met an expert technician today who is willing to help us progress with our podcasting dreams... we need to upgrade our school's version of garageband to version 3.
keep thinking through your content ideas - it must reflect well upon our school and have a clear educational purpose.

Mr.Brainy said...

whats good about garageband 3 mr woody????

mr brainy

JeSs said...

Hi it would be really cool to do podcasting at school


Howdy! said...

hello rom 9!

Yeah i would like to start podcasting!!!

catch ya later


Bowl of Rice said...
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Bowl of Rice said...

I heard that you wanted to publish a podcast.
I'd recomend using Audacity instead of having to pay $160-odd for Garageband 3.
You'll need a server to upload the audio files to, which in your case will be your school one.
Then with the feed thing there's a good step-by-step guide on how to publish your podcast using Blogger here.
Once you have your feed, submit it to the iTunes Music Store.
If your gonna go the iTunes road, you'll also need a square, 300 x 300-plus picture for the iTMS and you should have a quick look at the Tech Specs for an iTunes podcast.
That's pretty much all you guys would need.
Good Luck. : )
PS Or you could always just hand code your rss feed, and if you need any help, just email me.

Jess said...

Hey mr woody it been a while since I have been on here! I would love to do pod casting!