Monday, March 06, 2006

Interwrite pads

interactive whiteboards, interwrite pads, data projectors, laptops, etc. has anyone been in a class where these tools were used effectively? tell me your opinions please.
all ideas welcome.
i'm looking forward to the freedom of being able to share internet content easily with a whole class instead of relying upon limited computer time and tiny screens.
we have ourt first hardware...


Tonks said...

I know we don't use this "muggle technology" , but I've seen a tablet before. They are really cool!!!! Though i don't know what an interactive whiteboard before.

Ernesty said...

Yea! Finaly theres a technology class! Yea! Whooooooo! Come on lets dance! OK I've calmed down! I love techonology, my dads into gadgets so Im kinda like 'em!

Mr.Brainy said...

Cool!!!!!!though why do we use these for??? -_-;;

Mr Brainy (mohahahahahahaha)

JeSs said...

Hi Mr Woody,
At my old school we used the tablet and whiteboard, it's really fun!!

c ya

catgirl said...

Tonks55, u r not a wizard/witch, so don't pretend u r one. I think that tech is cool, and using a tablet and other stuff will definitely increase fun in our lessons. It will make it alot faster to do nwork. I can not wait!

Over and meout!

Mr Woody said...

over and meout! i love it! welcome aboard you newcomers - will be fun trying to work out who you are.

Howdy! said...

hello everyone!!!

I'm still wondering who catgirl and Mr.Brainy are! lol!!!
I LOVE technology and this sounds fantastic to me!!! Let's get started now! PLEEEAAASE!
We didn't use much technology at my old school so this is EXCITING!

catch up with you tomorrow,



Howdy! said...

the mystery of rm 9

Tonks said...

i am a real witch, though u r a muggle so don't ne1.

p.s. watch ur back catgirl, im watching u

MysteryMan said...

whos hewitt

DigiMax @ SAMS said...

Interwrite stuff??? HHmmm it all depends what you do with it! Some classrooms have all of the fancy stuff but there's not much fancy foing on... if you know what i mean. Some classrooms without the 'stuff' actually have amazing things going on 'inside'! Is it about the hardware or the teacher behind it?

bloggman_14 said...

Having a projector would be so cool Mr Woody cause then u could link it up to ur laptop and show the whole class info on random stufff and we could c pictures of things u want 2 show us anyways cya


Greenie said...

hu is tonks? COz hu eva dey r, dey cannot use dat name. Tonks is way too cool for huevadeyr. Oh. and Woody, didn;t u ask us dis quest. last yr as well???? Get sum nu stuff.