Monday, March 13, 2006

Te reo

Learn Te Reo - quickly! Without a basic knowledge of maori customs and langauge, you will face great danger from your fellow island inhabitants - you have until Friday this week - be quick or you may be murdered, eaten or taken prisoner and used as a slave. If you're properly educated and lucky, you will know what to say, how to act and be taken in as an honoured guest.
Also, it would be wise to find out all you can about taniwha....

As well as indigenous threats, there is a Spanish galleon looming on the horizon. There is no historical record of such a visitation, but perhaps we now understand why - remember the mysterious cloud that got us into this mess?? It must have struck again! Be sure you know how to converse in simple Spanish or you may face a nasty keel haul!


Sig said...

I'm not fast or excited enough to learn that quickly Mr Woody but I'll give it a go!!

catgirl said...

I can pretty much figure out how to speak simple stuff, and I'm quite good at pronunciation, so I guess I'll be able to learn what to say. Also, being able to weave and stuff is a good advantage I have. Our group may be lucky yet!

Meow! Ka Kite, adios, See u l8r!

ash said...

i dont like maori that much and i dont think i can learn that fast but ill try and hopfelly im luky

Howdy! said...


yo justo tener aen espanol diccionario!

i will try 2 learn maori and with the help of my phrase book; simple spanish too!!!

well, adios!!


Mr Woody said...

maori is cool cos no one else in the world speaks it except kiwis.
its easy to learn and the pronunciation is just like in spanish.
maybe we could arrange a day at uni to visit a language lab and a couple of science labs. it isn't that easy - but we could try.
i know we can go to the tv studio cos i went there last yr with rm 6.
Coolchik - i am very impressed with your pseudo spanish - its just like mine - you would be understood eventually. thanks your parents for getting you a diccionarionionio-o-o. it's an extra expence but i hope to make good use of it.

Mr Woody said...

Coolchik - post to your blog if you want a comment back. it is new to all of us and you are fitting right in as a big old yr 7. no one would have guessed.

koolsmoke said...
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koolsmoke said...

I'm learning how to speak spanish so when the spanish people come we might become friends

koolsmoke said...

can I please have a special power cause then my whole group will have one

Camman said...

Hey guys check this out you can use this website:
to translate English to Spanish and other languages.


Camman said...

P.S. Ask yuor class if you want me to set up a forum for them like I did last year 4 room 6.



magster said...

Hey every1!
I got a cool as web 4 Te Reo maori words that would help us on the island its

By the way I know how 2 do weaving and strong rope plaits aswell if that counts 4 n e thing!


Hewitt said...

hello mr woody im studying spanish greetings at the moment and i ve found some interesting ones.

Cheeky Chicken said...

Mr woodles do i hav 2 turn into a unicorn and everyone come 2 my blog ive posted sum mor stuff

P.s. plz Mr Woodles can you give my team mates powers pppppllllllllzzzzz.

ash said...

thanks 4 the cool site magster (pengu) i wiil try it and i have a specal site that im not telling enyone

Urxan said...

!Hola! Gehten Tag! Kia Ora!
Looks like you guys are onto it! At least I can count up to ninteen in maori! That might be useul. Also, I can say things like food. Now THAT is important! See you all it class!


Tonks said...

THis is going to be a tough task for me since my memory is very bad!!

Mr Woody said...

Koolsmoke - i hope that name isn't meant to glorify a nasty, deadly habit some people have.
did you know cigarettes have ammonia, arsenic and hundreds of other poisons in them?
i can't believe they're legal.
take care

magster said...

Hey Mr.Woody
I got lots of info on Katapo and I put it on my blog but it wouldn't go on. It said "Error your template is empty!" So now I Have no idea how to post stuff but i wrote most of what i could remember on some paper except U were away 2day so i hope you can come tomorro so i might b able 2 get my cool as power!
I also got a whole lot of maori words that will b useful frm this web I said the adress yesterday but now I lost it.

magster said...

Go on ash tell me I gave u the other 1!!

Howdy! said...

yeah, go on ash!!!!


i lyk exclamation marks!!!!!!

yeah, thanx MR PODDY BRAINS!!!

i can't wait for camp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mr woody i hav been postin' on2 my blog,

my homework in fakt so it is loooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gt my point?

im wiht u [ ahhhhhhhhhh!!!

srt again . . .

im with u on that 1 mr woody (yahoooooo!!!!!!!!!!) maori is a kool language!!

+ it is easy 2 pronounce!!!!

and koolsmoke . . .
wellllllll . . .um u aktully hav 2 wrk 2 get powers MCLAREN!!!
(is it???????)
(and mr woody, im still thinking about which power i would like!!,gt bak 2 u soon) maybe do that research 4 homwrk we're meant 2 be doing rite now!!!!

gt on 2 it ppl

& mr poddy brains, it wud b kool 2 go 2 the tv studios!!!!!!!11

wat wud we doo though?
mayb make movies? "WINK WINK"


hh when do we vote MAGSTER????

good 2 c u doing some wrk HEWITT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hh, googlegirl, u hav sum thin 2 tell me . . . hmmmmmmmmmmmm!

well catch ya l8er,

Snickle Chicken-Dunkin!!!!!!!!!

a.k.a= C.C.

bloggman_14 said...

hey guys i know how to say some cool things in Maori If u want 2 know what they r come to my blog

bloggman_14 said...

Also i know this blog is on Maori stuff but for some spanish tips also come to my blog i got some sentences u can use there

bloggman_14 said...

Mr woody im srry about chatting but you know the guy on x-men u were telling ernesto about his name is night crawler (u know the one who can telport where ha wants as long as he can see the place

koolsmoke said...

No my name is not McLaren! Coolchick AKA Allysa

Sig said...

I'm just saying/asking but why don't you go onto my Blog Mr Woody?!

Sig said...

I know how to pronunciate everything and I'm learning a lot of new phrases. So I'll be up and going soon

Donkeyla (Aly-Blobber) said...

I am not collchick I am alyssaroxs and if u dident know Tessa as well

Howdy! said...


i am soooooooooo not alyssa koolsmoke!!!

does any1 have ne mor info on mayor island if soooooooo plz cum 2 my blog and tell me!!!

thanx bb

Greenie said...

u guyz hav lame convos. No Offense. P.S. Woody...rememba my warning...threat...sumfink along those lines...

Mr Woody said...

watch out greengirl - i can still get you too!

Mr Woody said...

a good site for investigating te reo...

ka kite - aroha nui!

Greenie said...

How can u get me Woody??? I don't c how???