Thursday, March 02, 2006


remember to search wikipedia for new zealand related topics that don't have much content - we can then develop our own content to add to the wiki.
did you know wiki stands for "what i know is"?
very cool.
who knows what "wysiwyg" stands for? [i think i spelt it right]
hasta luego!


Amal said...

How do u pronouce "wysiwyg'????????????



ash said...

yea how DO you pronounce

Mr Woody said...

sounds like 'wizzywig'

Mr Woody said...

if you want to find out about wysiwyg, search the web. or look it up in wikipedia.

Ernesty said...

Wysiwyg is short for: What You See Is What You Get!

catgirl said...

Nice one Ernesto! U know, that line is in a song, but they say not insted of is. I think WYSIWYG means stuff 2 do with this:
-sum people judge others by what they look like. But if they look deeper, they may c that they wer wrong. What u see is definetly not what u get in this case!
-U dont have 2 worry about NE hidden secrets. It is as it is.
-u wont get anything different from whats infront of u.

That's all from me ow. Geddit?
Over and Out!

Mr Woody said...

nice posts, catgal.
[still wondering who you are...]
good mystery! make us work it out.

Mr.Brainy said...

wow that's a catgirl...
(is catgirl rebbeca B????)

hav some brains for lunch

Greenie said...

Me ow??? I heard a joke lyk dat. It goes...
Wot did da Statue say to the cat.
Statue bro? (s'tat u bro)
Wot did the cat say to the statue?
Its meow. (me ow)

hahahahaha. Sorry. Lame joke. Courtesy of Linda J. Take it up with her.