Monday, May 28, 2007

fave poetic writing

fave poetic writing? who do you enjoy reading and why?

diamond girl suggested Dr Seuss - i agree his work is amazing - and despite being simple looking, it has depth to it when you really think about what his message is.

please suggest other authors or works and state why you like them or think they are worth studying. we can do author studies on the people we come up with. or, we could just enjoy their work. :-)

i am so impressed with those of you who are interacting with the blog in a meaningful way! well done!

[anyone noticing it seems to be all girls???]


penguin8jessica said...

i also like dr SEuss. i like green eggs & ham


Kitty Kat said...

I REALLY like Phillip Pullman. He is an amazing authour and some ove my favourite books are by him (nothern lights)

Kitty Kat said...

oh its not really poetic...

cheeseboy said...

like whatever i like always go on but never leave messages.

didn't you know that its not always girls on the blog but some boys that never leave comments... lol

yea i reckon Dr suess is an awesome poet and the person who wrote The highwayman, The Inchcape rock and the Sock puppet.

I like poets that write using big word that i have to use my brain (if i have 1) and/or that they hide another meanin or a moral.

i really enjoy the literature circle (i still dont know what luminary is though )"...) because we think lots about the words we dont know and with our combined effort ruthlessly defeat the barrier between understanding and not understanding so the meanings of those obscure words dont elude our um....... something

shorty said...

thEoDor SEUSS geiSel a.K.a. dR sEuSs iS thE bOmb

Kitty Kat said...

erm, cheeseboy, yes boys do comment but girls have a LARGE majority, you and induvidulast and ezylr...blalala need to get your mates going and become daily bloggers.
As MrWoody says, A post every now and them is not blogging as such, its just trying to earn prizes.