Tuesday, May 22, 2007

visitors welcome!

welcome to all visitors to our blog - please leave a message if you are a real person and are interested in blogging, wikis, web2.0, personalised learning, differentiation, education in the 21st century, or whatever it is we're blogging about. we'd love to extend our network of contacts to geunine folk with good intentions. we hear occasionally that poeple are reading our blog, but we never actually get much feedback...so, please leave us a constructive or positive comment.
we will love it!
mr woody

p.s. this includes parents of room5ians also...


IM A ROOM5IAN said...

huloo everyone and thank you for commenting on my blog.
um, what would you guys like to see on it? please comment as it helps me a lot, merci!

Miss Candy said...

cool and um, i reackon u guys should visit my blog and i would like to thank the regular bloggers,

prim, kitdekat and pengiun8jessica deserve certifactes the most..


laffydaffy said...

Hae Mr Wooody!!! Back again on da blog!!(even though i'm not in ya class) Just got our internet bak, so i will b able 2 visit da blog now.
p.s. do ya still hav dat no txt lingo allowed rule?

Kitty Kat said...

yeah we do.

J.A.K said...

Hey! Visit our new blog and check out our fabulous photo's! And who is laffydaffy? Well see you :)