Monday, May 07, 2007

science fair

1. The observational drawing topic is NZ native flora.
2. The photography is based on the theme "glass".
3. Wall charts are to explain the workings of digital technology. e.g. digital watches, ipods, computers, etc.

[4th secret wallchart topic for eejits - explain how something [meaning, anything] works - these will feature in the mountain group competition, but won't be eligible for Waikato science fair entry.]

For the other two categories [technological invention or scientific investigation] you can come up with your own topic, but you need to see me first.


Well done today to KittyKat with her wonderful photos. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's work.

Excellent work Sam reading your groups writing so eloquently.
Thank you to the other lads who shared their writing in the writers guild reading circle.

Well done to SkipperBob for handing in her Kakepuku Catastrophe so promptly, and in such a well presented folder.

Great work to the enviro helpers and agents last week with the enviro orbiter tour.

Keep up the good work Room5ians!

post any noteworthy efforts here.


Kitty Kat said...

Room 5 for being room 5.

Also I would like to mension that me and Pim are doing a fundraiser through class for the SPCA.
Though we arn't certain it might go like this.
We have a jar of stars (some of you might have already seen it)which you will have a chance to guess how many stars there are and write it on a slip of paper. You then hand it to us.
The closest to the right number will get a largeish prize
the second and third will get a meduim prize and anyone who trys (Might) will get a tiny prize and if you get Exactly the right number a HUGEish prize.
It isn't all confirmed yet but the price to guess is 50c or a donation of your choice (More than 50c).
All the money will go to the SPCA so its a good cause!
Please bring money over this week to help us! Try tommorrow if not the next day and all of this week. Were already a running a bit off or time so HURRY PLEASE!!!

Also Mr Woody I've finished my story and will bring it tomorrow. (My draft is on my blog).


mr woody said...

that's right! great work to you and prim - what champions you are. see comet's blog for lots of thoughts on conservation and protecting animals. she should be a keen ally for your cause - i will definitely bring money for anything supporting the SPCA.

primprim said...

I wanted to do something about eco-pacaging. I'll bring some stuff to show you tomorrow.

primprim said...

oh, yes i think the spca fund raiser is such a good idea. I was so glad to see that people would give it a chance and multiple times too!
please comment on my blog, please!

Kitty Kat said...

$25! Yay go the SPCA!
Also I am REALLY enjoying Science Fair! It rules!