Wednesday, May 02, 2007

new post for a general catch up in MAy2oo7

well done room5ians - you continue to impress:

the enviro agents working hard with their seconded helpers

Room5ian is on devastating champion form as well as coming second in local trash to fashion comp - what a recycled sensation!

"Step" - how low can you go!? and candygirl in second place close behind.

emjay with her cool blog and extra work for you to learn french - emma too.

and all the rest of you for being simplay marvellous

can you add more room 5 super stars here with reason why they are great? also ask questions here.



Kitty Kat said...

Hey Mr Woody and everyone else!
Should we bring our cameras to school? If so on what day?
Also can you PLEASE look at my post(s) on
1. Poems
2.Scaleaha (only chapter 10!)
3.Kakepuku Adventures

Please visit my blogaroonies!!


emjay said...

Thanks sooo much for your lovely comments! I'm stoked you can see potential! Lol no reward necessary, I'm here cos I want to be but thanks all the same :o)

And as far as keeping up with the blog goes... it's a good excuse for me to procrastinate on uni work so I don't mind... I really should, but I don't :o)

mr woody said...

kitty kat - yes - bring cameras every day. we will lock them up.

emjay - you are too modest 8>)

Kitty Kat said...

okadie dokide


emjay said...

Well with all the wonderful things you and your class have been saying, a little bit of modesty can't be such a bad thing? :o)

Thanks for the roll too. I have photocopied it so if you do need it back, just ask!

comet said...

to leave a message on my blog go to

primprim said...

i'va taken some pretty cool photos of my pets and our gully. should I bring them to school? maybe I should, I'll be bringing a digital camera anyway.

Kitty Kat said...

Hi!!! I've just got back from my Netball game! We played some team I can't remember the name of but It dosen't really matter!
I played Centre and I LOVED it!
The score was 11 all so that was okay seeing as we thought we would lose!



primprim said...

we are all room 5 superstars, mr woody!

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

yes, i agree with pim:P!
i ust got back from my netball game too!
we played fairfield c team and won 47-1. YAY!

comet said...

Hello everyone,
my blog has new posts come and see

Kitty Kat said...

47-1!!!! THat IS IMpressive!!

Kitty Kat said...

Mr Woddy! I made your profile veiws 1000!!!

shorty said...

i can go so low