Tuesday, July 03, 2007

kawhia carving

kawhia carving
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you squidlets liked the maori carvings at the museum so here's one from Kawhia. Please excuse the 'rude' bits. That is traditional and not intended to be offensive.
I hope you're enjoying your holidays. I'm super busy!


cheeseboy said...

we gave the bank $500 and they gave us 50000 back.
im bored. im not allowed on xbox anymore and my gameboy is out of power ohhhhhh

cheeseboy said...

im going to ask 4 1000 now bye

primprim said...

what in the world are you talking about?
i've just had a friend from my old school over. we took my neighbour's chihuahua for a wakl to memorial park then we visited penguin8jessica's place.
anyway i think maori carvings are very meaningful and unique. it is always fun to learn what/who they represent and what purposes they were built for!

chickenwing said...

They are cool and interesting so i can see why so many people like them

Miss Candy said...

ya i agree with primprim!

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

i love pride and thought that goes into carving them, they have so much meaning....

pom said...

That is so cool!

Alpha said...

I just got back yesterday and really tired, but my holiday was good.
see you at school on friday.

Alpha said...

Just got back from Australia yesterday,
Happy to be back,
It was the coldest winter since ages,
I think it might have been 1985,
The weather was warm though,
Went to 3 theme parks and,
A wildlife sanctuary,
Got to pat a kangaroo and feed one,
Went shopping allot,
Went to a place called infinity,
Which was a light show thing,
It was cool.