Wednesday, July 04, 2007


apparently Blogger has a new element available - polls - which can be added to your side bar. i just had a quick look but couldn't find a poll to add under the add element bit of the customise blog layout setting thingy so there will be a prize to the first person to work out how to do it.

i was going to add a poll on topics for term three and four.

please add ideas as comments for now.

and please make your comments meaningful and intelligent - i am going to invite the most sensible bloggers to participate in an advanced online discussion with a university lecturer and expert in online learning, in conjunction with some other GATE kids of your age from nearby schools.

and don't forget to use the wiki - again, use it sensibly.

start gathering resources for your ancient egypt inquiry knowledge attack. bring them to school when you return. by scouring a range of interesting resources we can come up with some really exciting essential questions that will form the basis of our inquiry.

sub topics that may relate to our topic are:

who killed king tut?

why was cleopatra so famous?

who were the pharoahs?

how did they make the pyramids?

magical powers and the mysteries of the pyramids

the curse of the pharoah


why did they like cats so much?

what's under the sphinx?

where have all the ankhs gone?


aliens and the pyramids

what do sirius and orion's belt have to do with the pyramids?

pyramids from other civilisations

what was life as an egyptian 11 yr old like?

geometry and the pyramids

film/documentary making

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primprim said...

why do egyptians like cats so much?
that's really interesting. why do they?

Miss Candy said...

why egyptians virshiped cats, what made the cats entitled to such magnificience? why not any other animals other than cats?
ok um yah.
i was watching studio 2 it think it was i they were showing how they were being mummified in egypt-though they were doing it on fish.
what exactly do you meanby polls?

mr woody said...

Well, miss candy, polls are voting things that show what people prefer from a range of options.
for example, i was going to suggest a range of potential starter ideas for inquiry topics that you could vote on. e.g. ancient civilisations or mystery solving or how to change education to suit 21st century learners or how life on earth evolved or what we can do to save the earth from being over-polluted or how to stop environmental and species destruction or how to run a classroom tv station online for free ...

pom said...

I think the Eygptians had supernatural powers, thats how they built the pyramids.

Catarara said...

why did they like cats so much? that is a very good question you would have to think about that one really hard don't you think? about the polls...
do you mean polls as in you write a couple of questions down and people vote for the one they think is the best or something? back to the questions...
that would be really cool researching lots of things about an eleven year olds life as an egyptian! we could compare it to our lifes that would be cool!
bye catarara :)

Miss Candy said...

pom dont you think your over reacting? i dont- anything can be possible.
thanks mr woody- it just didnt click on to me when it came up in your post. Are egyptians aliens who virshiped cats because that is their true identity and they're descising themself because they dont want us to know that they come from another planet because they as cats might have a major difference between earth cats? sorry there aint any commas in that...oh well.

Miss Candy said...

why did egyptians worship bast, what made her so special? (check out my egyptian blog to find out a little about bast.)

Miss Candy said...

who/what started the egyptian religon, if who, why did they do it? why do many mysteries fall into the worthy/not so worthy egypt? hhhhmmmmm where can i find the answer to all these question?

mr woody said...

who says they even had 'religion', miss candy. what is the definition of religion? how long did the ancient egyptian civilistion last? how can we quantify these things?
these are 'subsidiary' questions. questions we mneed to answer so we can answer our essential questions about ancient egypt. although, please remember, we are still only in our knowledge attack phase and haven't formed essential questions yet. i sugget you write down any questions that you think of while reading around the subject.
keep thinking Room5ians.

Alpha said...

Are aliens or anything supernatural linked to the pyramids? what facts back it up?
has info on cleopatra

Alpha said...

this wiki is made by me and has info on transport, animals, leaders and weapons.