Saturday, September 01, 2007

savvy teachers use the net

according to the latest news there is something called the internet that teachers could use to engage and extend stutents, personalise learning and more - wow - who are these amazing teachers and where can you find this 'net thing?



Skipper Bob said...

will we use this????

Kitty Kat said...

did they get it from you?
It would be great if we all did this, you could learn way more.
In some ways the world is lagging behind.
We need to act for modern enrichment.
it is very helpful I fin and its much eaiser to work from home.
What I would enjoy would be things like Monday, Wednesday, Friday spent at home using the internet and tuesday and thursday at school face to face.
You can learn much more this way.

Kitty Kat said...

this site helps to improve your subjects :

We CAN learn online

H.A.N.D.S and Paws said...


Can all hands members check there emails (even if you have quit) and visit our site:

for very important information.

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

i think that we can definately l;earn depends WHAT you are learning etc. eg. P.E., oral language etc.
some subjects cant be learnt to the extent of what they could be on the internet..... then again, we have subjsects like technology which can be perfect....

there is many different doors to this subject.

"variety is the spice of life"

Kitty Kat said...

we can't do P.E online BUT oral language believe it or not you can!!!! You can listen tto pronounciation of words and perfect that...some programs even let you record yourself and then give you a mark.

shorty said...

who watched 'the mummy returns' last night, it was cool because it was about egypt.
Did you know that I looked at cairo on google earth* and it is so much more modern than you would think, it is pretty much like hamilton or auckland it is crazy

*for those of you that don't know it is an online thing where you can type in the name of a place and you will see it in great detail

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

yes kitty kat, that was just an example, but for oral language variety is good, eg, with an audience to listen to the pronounciation of words etc.

the internet is done of the many different styles of learning but it depends on focuses, goals, and subjects etc. the internet is good for one style of learning but other ways may be better suited for other subjects.

yeah, it is great that you are connecting the movie to our study shorty! well done!!! yes, google earth is great!!! my dad has it, it is a really cool, fun, easy resource too!

Kitty Kat said...

yes google earth is very useful.
Thats ok room5ian.
hmm yes i agree but I also think that the internet is changing fast and sopon there will be many a type of learning.

mr woody said...

well done making sensible comments and sharing resources. i shall investigate your resources...

SpUdArOoNy said...

i am on google earth right now!!

hehe wow cairo is pretty modern shorty..

i definatly think that we can learn online!!!!

think of the stuff that mr woody shows us on tha data projector. that's pretty much all online right? and those maths websites. and writing? room5ian is right. some topics can't be done online such as PE but maybe it can. maybe we can research about our bodies and how they work properly so that when we do go and do PE we know how to do it right and what will happen if we do this.. etc.

so yeah. i definatly think we can learn efficiantly online!!

happy blogging! =]