Friday, January 02, 2009

Coping with a 2 yr composite class

I've always thought composite classes seemed weird. Who has been in one and what was your experience like? Can you give me any tips for success or describe things about working with y0unger or older kids in the same class that worked well for you? Can you advise me on aspects to try to avoid?
Also, please provide me with a list of skills, attitudes and values you think are important to learn and refine over a two year period.


Jane Nicholls said...

For my entire teaching time in NZ I've taught either year 5/6 or 4/5/6 and loved it. I found the extra year with the same students gave me the time to really extend their capabilities. I didn't have to get to know them for the second year, I already knew where they were going and what they needed to get there. We could start every year at top speed. Also the new students coming in learnt the ways of our classroom from those who were staying. So apart from the initial day induction I never really had to set up my expectations, my year 6 students did that for me :).

The NZC allows us to teach children not age groups, that's what I love about it

keamac said...

I've often taught composite classes and have found it much the same as teaching a single year level - because you're directing your classroom programmme to meet individual needs rather than age groups. The one tricky thing I have found with composites has been when it comes to activities that are year group specific, then it can be a bit of a trick. However, since your new school is set up with composite classes and has been for a long time, I don't think this should be an issue. You'll probably notice the biggest difference at the end of the year when your Year 8s are almost ready for high school, where as your Year 7s, while maturing, are still quite young in many ways. Hope this helps.

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

I was in a year five and six class for two years, and I suppose it's cool having the same teacher for two years, and having mostly the same friends. The saddest bit was saying bye to year 5s at the end of year six, and being a year 5 saying bye to year sixes going to intermediate.

Roo said...

Well I have been in a year 5/6 class twice and what I found was, that the groups we had in class were really year 5 and then year 6 (the year 6 groups having harder work to do than the year 5's). I was exelling in my group with the certain subject but I couldn't move up because of the type of groups.

mudpies02 said...

I have also been in a year 5/6 class twice and I think it's nice because you get to make friends with the year 8's (if you're a year 7) and vice versa. You find that the year up aren't quite so scary after all!!! I reckon that the groups (if you have any) should be mixed so that any particularly smart kids aren't held back. (As roo said.)