Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dog Monster

I love my dog, Manolo Guevara - Manny for short.
We love to go on adventures. I stretch the boundaries of what we should get up to by letting him off the lead a lot. He gets to run and chase bunnies and swim in the river and sometimes dig tunnels into rabbit burrows in the side of banks along the Waikato River [as pictured above]. He's an energetic boy and every day he gets out for at least two walks - walks that include a lot of running, sniffing, and usually some chasing. But don't worry, he doesn't hurt any bunnies or ducks he might happen to catch. He seems to have some sort of retrieving instinct that means he doesn't hurt them. Most interesting...
His heritage is a mystery to us except that he is a staffie cross and he was left to starve to death in a cage by his evil former owners. Scum like that should be locked in cages to starve i reckon.
I meet interesting dog owners on the river walks that suggest he is part boxer, part lab, part pitbull, etc. All I know is he's all lovely. I hate it when snooty people pull their dogs away from him as he goes for a bum sniff. Or people who won't answer a cheery "hello" except with a scowl. Those people are ignorant and rude and the media hasn't helped. The media shows stories of dogs like Manny hurting people, but they never show stories of labs biting people - and labs bite more people than any other breed in NZ.
Staffies are beautiful dogs with a friendly, loving nature. They are smart, energetic and fun.

I love my boy :-)


Mrs Gibb said...

I like staffie dogs - all of the ones I have come across (and there has been a few) have been awesome natured dogs. Loyal and so willing to listen to their master. Totally agree with you about the media hype.

If Manny is as cool as you say he is, and as cool as he looks then I'd say it's cos' he's got boxer in him. They are cool dogs!

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

Manny looks a tiny bit scary but he is very very cool and is an awesome swimmer.

He is also very stocky.

mudpies02 said...

Was that top picture Manny???!!! Yes, Neina, a very good swimmer!!

black wolf said...

hey Mr Woodcock. I love your dog hes very cute and looks very friendly.


MrWoody said...

Thanks Black Wolf - great to hear from you, but please use only your pseudonym on the net.