Sunday, January 04, 2009

Science for kids

Science is great because it helps you make sense of the world around you - it is a way to unravel mysteries [without switching off your brain and turning to ancient superstitions].
For example, how did life start on Earth? Did meteors have something to do with it perhaps?

Why would we turn to bronze age, pre-scientific, explanations of our world when we know so much more now?


Roo said...

Yes science is great.
One thing I don't like about science is that a lot of it is approxitmates or theory's.

It was really interesting having the conversation with you in the afternoon about gravity with Mech Boy.

There is the great debate between to theory's/beliefs about life starting on Earth. How do we know that either of these theory's are correct, or they could be combined to form this mass theory.

There is so much to know and not much we do know (as humans). We cannot answer everything but as we do learn more stuff as humans word will spread and it will take over previous beliefs of how something happened.
Huh, science is sort of like a crime scene. See if you can work out why.

Roo said...

Ohh, Happy New Year Mr.Woody.

Gaboose said...
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Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

It's really cool.

mech boy said...

Mr Woody... have you been reading the Bill Bryson book? It looks like you have!