Saturday, January 03, 2009


what is an eportfolio? how have you used them? what are the benefits or drawbacks?
In Room5 last year many of our books ended up being pretty lame as we did alot of work on things like blogs and wikis. Most parents never saw this wok for one reason or another. Yet i suspect the work online counted as an eportfolio of some kind. what do you think?


Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

Is an eportfolio like glogger???

Vampiress said...

I don't think an eportfolio is a glog, i'ts like folders or something rather
P.s i'm dreamhuntress

Ray Tolley said...

Firstly, an e-Portfolio is just what you want it to be. I have a list of things an e-Portfolio can do for you, see:

or, just look at a simple e-Portfolio that my granddaughter started:

But secondly, I sometimes describe an e-Portfolio as being like a pet chameleon. It keeps changing according to where you are. In otherwords, you can take it through life with you, from pre-school through repeated transitions, and through to university and beyond. It is always with you and is your constant companion.

Best Wishes,
Ray T

MrWoody said...

thanks Ray - i learnt more by perusing your blogs. it was good to see the examples with the young lady progressing from eportfolio to eportfolio as her needs changed.
seems like a good way to do a resume or c.v.