Monday, October 22, 2007

disaster or not?

the recent STAR test results certianly gave me a fight and had me thinking maybe a change of career might be required, but i have neglected to celebrate those results that demonstrated improvements by some of you - i know paper scissors improved - well done!!!!
does anyone else have a success story to tell from that test?
or could you list other subject areas where you think you may have developed or improved your knowledge or skills? for example, room5ian and spud and many others have developed personal research skills. alpha and primprim have developed wiki skills. kittykat has created amazing writing online to share with others in her writing community. hopefully soon the authors of the cheesey problem might publish it online to get feedback from others and have an international audience.
tell me more
you guys rock

... p.s. be cheerful in the spirit of the egyptian chicken salesman and love life


Miss Candy said...

i have devoloped my music and making games skills, hehe! LOL! practice makes perfect!
when are we going to have our funeral for the chickens??

Kitty Kat said...

what are you on about in the P.S Mr Woody???
The cheesy prolem online would be good!
I think I have improved my maths a bit as well as deeper english features.
I don't think that we got dummer judging by the STAR test. We improved in other places and forgot some of the basics. Always go back to the begining before you learn something new.

pom said...

I have really improved on my English this year. I used to think that maths was my strongest subject, but according to recent tests, my english is even stronger.
In the star test I got 75/80(improved score from the start of year) and in the ICAS test I got distinction.

mr woody said...

that's great to hear, Pom - you are an excellent student, as are Kittykat and Miss Candy.