Monday, October 22, 2007

sunday drawing fun

its so nice to try to relax [even though i have a camp to take tomorrow] and doodle on a blustery sunday
who else has done something creative?


maniac me said...

i havnt all ive done is sit around and fold papers not very fun i must say. i am so ecstatic about camp its
gonna be SO fun Auckland is going to be so fun. tata4 now

Miss Candy said...

hey, shopping , hoola hooping and doing cord based improvisations creative???

Ezylryb said...

i have been doing some doodlez, just random ones though. ive been tired all weekend aswell, and i have to get up early for camp tomorrow!

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

umm....well, i went to port waikato and climbed a practically verticel bald spur and on saturday went 4000 ft into the overcast sky in a glider at wairoa gliding club, FUN!!!!!!!

just to double animal campers wear mufti?

it is great to see more contributions and contribuers on the blog! well done and keep it up!!

Kitty Kat said...

yes i wanted to check that too....I think we do though.
I didn't do much..........
Whats your drawing/doodle meant to represent Mr Woody....We need a clue so we can interpret it correctly.

Kitty Kat said...

ENlarge the cluster map!!!
SOme one in the middle of the ocean viewed our blog!

mr woody said...

yes, mufti

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

cool, thanks, see you in the biotech room at 7:45.... :)

SpUdArOoNy said...

Mr woody.. Just Leaving a comment to show i went on..!

Have fun at EOTC..!

I went horseriding today.. me and mrip were partners and our horse when it was in the stable.. it was like dead ! it woul'dnt move.... but then when we started riding.. it wouldn't stop!!!

She's called brandy by the way.. and she's a chestnut.. she's sooo beautifullL!!!

mr woody said...

sounds cool, spud. i know what you mean about horses like that. i feel a bit sorry for them, but i guess their life is okay if they're treated well. better than being dog food i suppose.
everyone else having camp fun?
kitty kat - its more fun if you guys interpret my drawing for me so no clues [truth is its a random pic].
day one of camp was fun. i thought the eels were exciting. i felt sorry for the NZ falcons locked in their tiny cages and the pacing small male kiwi who obviously didn't want to be in there.

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

hmmmmmm......the female kiwi seemed pretty happpy though :) and the guy said something about those paticular falcon cages being small because in their habitat they dont have to fly much anyway (something like that) but it still should be a little bigger, even if they didnt fly in it much at least they would still have a little freedom.

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

the eels were massive!!! hehe :)

i thought that bird that screeched really loudly was cool too, i think it was like a yelloe-crowned plover (something like that anyway) and it had a resonably effective system to protect her environment and family, ;)

i also liked at mangatautari i saw HEAPS! of little waxeyes swarming a feeding thingy,, it was so cute!

well ill see you all at 8:15 this morning all geared up!

Ezylryb said...

the 1st day of camp was awsome!!!
it was really fun up on that lookout tower. good veiw aswell.

SpUdArOoNy said...

Yeah... we're going out to matangi tomorrow...!

don't get eaten by sharks animal campers!!

shorty said...

I did some pretty cool drawings of random people on the weekend but a really cool thing is I am gonna get a encyclopaedia

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

:) well, the boys slept in the shark half of the tunnel but they all came back well as far as i know....... ;)

umm...animals campers do we wear mufti tomorrow...?

Kitty Kat said...

mufti every day room5ian.
cool spud.
I love riding.
Mr Woody - the horses do enjoy being ridden. They get exited when they walk up to you.
Animal camp is AWESOME! sleepy at kelly tarltons was GREAT! (except we didn't really sleep.) tomorrows our last day 83(
Oh well. all good things must end.
I hope you guys are having a good time.

To interpret things I do like a small literal clue - Mr Woody, just to help me get the artists perspective although I'm happy to say what I think, hearing from the artist makes me think.

I see a pot, on a bench. dripping. the thing at the bottoms bacteria. and ahh the pots lick the bench so the bacteria becomes greater and thats the kiss.
thats what i SEE although thew real meaning for me will be entirly different.
This is effected my the fact I'm both a visual learner and a showing learner.
ok. i have to go. I tell you how to find out what learner you are tomorrow. Now i need to slepp!!!!
Kitty Kat.

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

i see it as....(ramdomly)
a pot on a stove dripping from condensation. it is licking up some of the excess water, so it won't get to the creature under the stove.

mr woody! what was the orignal meaning?

Henry JOhn. said...


Did you draw that seriously?

mr woody said...

yes. in an attempt to use colour. it didn't work. but it kinda did. init.