Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Hi kidlets - i am sanding and painting my new bathroom and laundry so my head is addled from fumes, but i thought i better post before you came rabid with boredom and terror at the prospect of writing speeches, etc. by the way - don't stress. remember? just do your best.

as for creative interests, my comic thing is getting better and i have had flickr inspiration from a dude who has a cool comic called Lamontikon.
the creator seems to be a very nice chap who wrote to me and i found his work and his comments inspirational. i recommend you flex your creative muscles this week before you head back to school to have your creativity and imagination crushed by the mind numbing horror that is school.

This is what the famous author guy wrote to me:

"When I started drawing in my pages-of-boxes style, back in1996, the name Lamont spontaneously popped into my headanytime I drew the little mushroom-headed alien I now thinkof as Lamont. Lamont means "the mountain", and is a symbol for the path to enlightenment, and a place from which the view is spectacular. As I drew, I began to unfold a narrative in which the drawings and the character could work, resulting in Lamont's position as Transdimensional Systems Analyst working for an entity and project which remains uncertain. He sits in his office cube, much like myself, and recieves seemingly random graphic datastreams, representing a multitude of perspectives and points-of-view. "Ikon" is simply a reworking of the word "icon", which defines the little images he analyses, and Lamont himself as a symbolic meme-being. I like the way the word "Lamontikon" resonates with known words like"Satyricon" or "lexicon", or "Paragon" and "polygon". Iguess I just like words and symbols, and I like simpledrawings that move the consciousness past the word andstraight to the concept or the thing it represents.and stuff :~) "

So, I suggest you follow your own creative instincts as he has and see what you can achieve.
respect - Mr Woody


Kitty Kat said...

that is SO cool!
when i try to do things like that i just feel dissapoited.
its a cool name!
I've been helping my gran tidy.....
I don't wanna write a speech!!! Whaaaaa!!!!
Sadly I will have to start now...WHaaaaaaa!!!!


Skipper Bob said...

Wow cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alpha said...

it's my birthday on friday yay

Kitty Kat said...

Hapyy B-Day alpha!!!!!!
Mr Woody!!! Visit this site for lesson plans on Animal Vivisection!!!!!!!

primprim said...

animal vivisection is such a cruel thing.
I think that everyone has a potential and can achieve if they try.
I don't think school is a mind numbing horror.

Kitty Kat said...

Me Neither!!!

P.S. I tourt my Gran to blog!!!!!

Kitty Kat said...


chocolate lover said...

Nah, school is cool!!!!!