Saturday, November 18, 2006


Go the ABs!!!!
Who are your favourite players?
Tony Woodcock has to be pretty high up there.
Actually they are all great - a very good team. Hopefully they can perform when it counts next year and waste the World Cup opposition.


*-!^! aLySsA !^!-* said...

man oh man mine is defintly byron kellaher he isnt that bad looking either. LoL

Lakelane said...

sitavinini sinavatu is my fav player player, butwe can't get to cocky or we might lose rugby the world cup

young veteran said...

mine was tana omanga, but he got the sack. so i don't have a favorate player now.

Mr Woody said...

Fair enough Alssya. Although I think he looks like a guinea pig. I guess that explains why you went out with Jacob briefly.
[Just winding you up, Jacob]

Sitiveni Sivivatu, is closer to how you spell his name, LAcklene. But he is great! And i agree with your comment.

Young Vet - Tana is cool. I loved it when he first lead that new haka. Ritchie McCaw is similarly great.
Carl Hayman is a rock in the front row. Jerry Collins is a legendary flanker. Perhaps one of these guys might be a new star for you to follow?

Anonymous said...

i hate rugby. full stop.

Mr Woody said...

dirgis - you fail. you're on detention. red card.

laffydaffy said...

i dunno, pretty hard to choose. Richie Mcaw probably or dan

fernando645 said...

dan carter, mils muliaina,ritchie,leon and much more

Howdy! said...

DOn't really know many players..although I LOVE to watch the rugby, along with women's boxing league, or play it on playstation lol aye mohamed;) haha well well I think Dan Carter is a pretty good player..but I HATE his hair now, I think you will agree with me on this one ladies= curls worked SO much better with Dan..hmm.. and he's not harsh on the eyes either..

haha but yer..Byron makes me laugh every time i see him singing the national Anthem..hahahahahahaha ! ! ! but yeh I haven't really noticed him playing much! ! ! but yer umm...

Sitiveni Sivivatu is a great player also..YOU THE MAN!!! soo yah..fell free to dis any mistakes I may or may not have made!


ohh ps! don't dis my

! ! S P U N K Y ! !

sister miss jacobina!! she is
T O T A L L Y P H A T lol big shout out to you miss ~jacobina~(Jacob eww!! nah just joking but Jacobina is so much better) haha soo yeah.. watch what you're saying ol' Woodcock aye? BEcause dissing people is
*S O *N O T*P H A T*!

!%!pHaTcH yAh lAtEr!%!

Cheeky Chicken said...

Dont really know a lot about rugby.don't have a favourite player either.but i love going to games, especially when the ABs are playing.