Wednesday, November 08, 2006

film makers, enviro warriors, documentary makers

i suggest we make a short film or sitcom or tv show type thing in the uni studio. the team that works best and follows the rules and plans it properly will be the one to make their project with everyone else helping.
the other groups into enviro stuff could make a doco -[documentary] about something.
the groups into the environment could do a project base on planting up the school. another group could do the frog release project. both coudl be filmed.
people who have a passion to design something with an environmental theme could do that.
read this carefully before commenting.
all positive ideas welcome, but we must be realistic.



ash said...

yea that sounds cool mr woody i love filming stuff even though some times im not very good.

~!@#$%^&*JeSiCa*&^%$#@!~ said...

Mr woody i really love red pandas and even though their not native to new zealand do you think i could study them and maybe make a short film/doco on why we should protect them, because if you actually think about it nobody really cares about red pandas cause you just see these adverts on amimal planet say 'Save our big cats' when these poor adorable cute little wittle) red pandas are out there in the forests of asia being killed for their tails as duster and things like that! I could film the one at hamilton zoo!!!! Didnt their used to be 2 of them then one escaped and got ran over???:(!!!!!!!
p.s. i had to change my account because blogger beta messed it up so this is my updated account!!!!



The_Master_Mind said...

What about STAR WARS!
We could do a STAR WARS themed movie. Creating the LIGHT SABOR wouldn't be to hard because, thanks to speciel effects, we only have to have sticks while filming and then, we can edit the movie on iMovie.
Of course a story line will have to be
creatted and people running arround with LIGHT SABORS mindlesly killing each other wouldn't quite accepptable.
Another anoying thing would be the costumes. We don't have any storm trooper or darth vader suites to wear, so we can't have imperial storm troopers unless, somebody does accumulate one. If so, we would appreciate some.

Yours Decevingly,


sk8_4_life said...

jesica if you want to make a short film/doco on red pandas than if you want it to be amazing a have people know what your talking about, and what they look like then you would need to have a live red panda and thier in china!
good thought though!

Sig said...

That would be great! I'm a script writer and Miki's even having a go at it!