Wednesday, November 01, 2006

art then, peut-etre?

perhaps you might be interested in an artistic perspective being applied to the environmental theme.
i recommend checking out hundertwasser's work - i will show you at school. he redesigns ugly spaces to be more attractive and environmentally friendly. have you seen the kawakawa toilets?
also, i am currently eating a series of documentaries about an artist called 'Christo' and his wife, Jean-Claude [which i would have guessed was a man's name]. he transforms places or things and creates large scale artistic talking points. very interesting.
let me know what you think or ask me to clarify at school.
bon nuit, mes amis


Urxan said...

Mr Woody
Me and Lama want to have time at school to do photography of the environment. It's actually really neat. You can spot a cool thing in the natural world, take a snap of it, and study it later on the computer, zooming in and discovering hidden patterns. But no copy cats please!

Gwe Lee
P.S. No offence to anyone
P.P.S. I think that Mr No-Chocolate, no offence to him either, doesn't really... GET ON very well with some, or should that be most, of our class. I don't think Mr Jones saying that he might be the GATE teacher next year went down to well either!

Anonymous said...


some questions regarding your post:


kawakawa toilets?

EATING a series of documentaries?

Jean-Claude a man's name?

artistic talking point?

p.s i switched to blogger beta but i still have my old account!

Urxan said...

Well, that's because google bought blogger.

!~*ZuZu*~! said...

Mr. Woody,

I think that some people like to learn about the environment in different ways. As me and mia talked to you about learning about the environment on thursday i think it was, we said probably some people in the class would enjoy learning about it in an artistic manner but then again some people would probably like it more if we learnt about it in a more active manner. it sorta just depends on the person. so maybe when you come back to class, we can split into groups and then if some people wanted to learn about the environment in like a sporting manner or something then they would have to come up with a how? what? why? when? and all that important stuff and then presdent it to you?

Anyway, hope that your having fun!

* ! * Z u L e K a ! * !

!~*ZuZu*~! said...

also.. i think about designing boring things to make them more exciting.. like the Kawakawa toilets, we could take some place in hamilton that is to do with nature that we think is boring and make it spectacular!! interior design and art? is that what that would be?

fernando645 said...

that is really cool !!!, there were a few weird words as mia pointed out.

Mr Woody said...

hundertwasser is an austrian artist person.
kawakawa [in NZ] toilets were beautified by him.
eating documentaries - weird typo - i meant watching 8>)

Sugarsweet4eva said...

I've seen the kawakawa toilets!
They were really cool but they smelt really gross!

Urxan said...

No freaking duh. Their TOILETS, Miki!

Anonymous said...

oh...ok yeah zuzu's idea sounds fair enough to me... you?

BrainFaceXD said...

yea i agree with zuzu. um can you like tell us when tests come up cuz i wanna study for them and get a good mark. ^^;

!~*ZuZu*~! said...

okay .. well i would sorta like to be an interior designer or something with houses when i get older! like ya know.. real estate agent or interior designer or something! so i would find designing some nature thing .. like a nature reserve with like cafes and bush or something .. i would find that really fun !! and its to do with the environment !!

laffydaffy said...

ya, photography is like sooooooo cool, aye gwen? Nature is so beautiful, do anything to keep forever!!

* AnnA * said...

My grand parents live in kawakawa so I see the toilets all the time . apparently people grew weed on it for a few years until my granddad complained . . .

sk8_4_life said...

i luv art but im not that good at it!