Thursday, November 23, 2006

geography quiz

Can you beat my brainy cousin, the spy, who got 91%?
Can you beat me, your beloved [cough!] teacher, who only got 75% on my first go?
It is an easy, interactive 'quiz' about the countries in Europe. You just have to drag 'n' drop countries onto a larger map to show where they fit it. You will be given a score. It is easy and fun.
I suggest most of you either have some distant connection with some of these countries or will visit them in the future as part of your big O.E..

To try it out, go to student resources, ICT classroom, room 9 folder and look for "Map of Europe" power point.

Try it and post your score.
Good luck!


Anonymous said...

i tryed it but it didnt work! it was just blank and when you clicked it turned off! is that supposed to happen?

Siggles 1234567890

P.S. do you know anyone who can speak russian?

P.P.S. I had to make a new account because blogger beta stuffed mine up!

Mr Woody said...

aha - thanks for letting me know, siggles. maybe it's because it's on a mac. perhaps it will work on my laptop.
as for speaking rusky, miss pereyaslavets from room 11 IS russian, so she might.
hmm...have i broken cyber safety?
see you at school!

Ernesty said...

mr woody u should put it on the internet so we can download the powerpoint thing. You can upload the file onto and put the lik on the blog.

PS: sup peoples come to my blog i got funny videos.

Cheeky Chicken said...

I know the girl in rm 11 shes my mate. could i please try that quiz tomorrow at school?

Mr Woody said...

you can try, babs

Sig said...

Thanks mr woody! I wanted someone who speaks Russian because I have some russian music on my MP3 player and i wanted a translation. It's really cool. I should show you one day. And my old account is up and running again. yay!

P.S. go and check out my story on my blog. It's called 'Cruel But Simple.' Enjoy!