Thursday, November 09, 2006

two cafe challenges

my friends own very cool cafes on the east side. one is ruby blacks. one is jacks. ruby blacks owner, akte, wants to get th ecouncil to organise someone to coordinate all the pig farmers in the area to use them for food scrap recycling. lots fo good food gets binned in cafes but its too hard for cafe owners to find out which pig farmers would take them and get the food to the farmers etc.
jacks uses environmentally unfriendly packaging and is interested in reducing such waste. however, stu, the chef/owner, has read that paper packaging is just as bad for the environment as plastic. can this be true? he wants us to find out. if we do, sasha will shout the winners hot chocolates at jacks. very yummy hot chocoloates. but the work has to be of a high standard.
does anyone think they could investigate these issues for my friends?


~!@#$%^&*JeSiCa*&^%$#@!~ said...

I seached on the internet for aout 23 hours and I couldnt find anything apart from things which talk about paper and plastic bags. So I tryed i will try some more this weekend!!!! I love hot chocolates!!!!!!!


~!@#$%^&*JeSiCa*&^%$#@!~ said...

whoops i meant 2 hours!!!!

Urxan said...

How is Jack's coming along? I haven't seen Stu and Leah lately. Is Jack well?

Gwe Lee

sk8_4_life said...

this is a verty hard question. i hav a feelin but i dont know for sure but it could be paper?!

to be honest i have no idea lol!

magster said...

I think paper would be just as bad as plastic because think of all the trees that are being chopped down to get it! but i'm pretty sure it would be bio-degradable because trees rot easily and we feed paper to the worms in the worm bin at sch00l! but i will try and search on the internet for some more answers n0t just my prior knowledge!

sk8_4_life said...

i just checked on the net and cant find anyting?!

this is hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

magster said...

i had a look. . . and most websites reffered to paper packaging as a better option than plastic

P.S plastic also uses up oil which everybody is fretting about us running out

Mr Woody said...

maggie - top work so far. if you collate your findings on your blog with referenced sources/websites you will win.

jessica - make a comment on some of your readings and quote references to be in to win.

gwe le - you could win this easily if you tried and then you coudl visit stu n leah at their cafe.

in fact - i will arrange to take the winners to the cafe for lunch one day if the standard of answer is high enough.

so far maggie is winning.

catgirl said...

Hmm... a tough question. True, magster, but then again, no-one knows when the world will tap into another oil source. Petrol prices are going down as a result of peace, so it might not be too much of a problem after all. Anyway, I just had a thought-petroleum is bad for the environment, so MAYBE people are pretending that we're running out so that we'll just leave the oil alone and save the environment! Haha!
Mr Woody-d'you me and Urxan could work as a pair? It would be fun. And with her associates and my knowledge, we could come up with an answer twice as good!
I'm pretty sure that plastic is worse, according to websites, but I'm going to do a bit more research to confirm my answer!

laffydaffy said...

paper and plastic can harm the enviroment, but plastic is the worst. I have done some research and one website suggested canvas bags because you can use them heaps of times.

ash said...

although paper uses trees most trees now days that they cut down are ones that where especaily grown to be turn into paper or something and plastic doesnt decompose and some people trough them in the sea wich fish get caught in and kill them
although our family keeps most of our plastic bags you get to many after a while ( at the beginig of the yeaer i counted all our bags and we hade over 100 and w have more now) mum doesnt know what to do with them now.
some places (like the warehouse) have things out side for old plactic bags so they can re-use them. it hink that the paper option is the better one for now untill something beter comes along.

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

In my opinion, paper is ok, because it is biodegratable, but trees will be chopped down in the process. HOWEVER, mr woody's friends can plant trees for conservation, to make up for what they have done.
If the paper has been tainted with toxins, howerer, they sould use biodegratable bags made of rice, I think it is, that is used in Samoa. Samoa is one step ahead! (although my father gets all racist and says we are smarter and don't use it. SMart indeed! Humph!)