Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Egyptian Inquiry and Literacy

For your Ancient Egyptian Inquiry [or related themes], you will need to read and write reports, or explanations of facts and opinions. This is called transactional writing.
This link takes you to the official explanation of what is required for you to reach level 3 [where most yr 7's should be] and level 4 [where Room5ians should be aiming for].
This is meant for teachers, but you could look at it to help you learn.
We will read non-fiction reports and so forth in school to analyse what features exist that we can identify. By doing that we will be aware of what is required when writing our own reports for our studies.


The next link show you an example of what a level 4 students report might look like. It is re-typed in the students language with all errors included. the writing to the sides shows the explanations of what is being achieved. you can click on a link to see the original work in the students handwriting. you will notice that the presentation is not up to our standard.

And btw - apart from a nasty cough and a dribbly nose, i am feeling much better. Will be back tomorrow unless i relapse.

ka kite apopo


Skipper Bob said...

will you be at school tommorow??????

do we still have homework??????

Kitty Kat said...

ok...is this the same levels as the astel tests?

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

cool! sounds great! is that how we are supposed to present it; in that form?

mr woody said...

this is the same level system as the asttle yests - yes.
we will talk more about this is in class so everyone knows. you don't need to write any reports yet. it will all be due near the end of term.
i will be back tomorrow. watch our for my lingering germs though!

you should have been doing your word study, blogging and mathmate as usual for homework.